Date: 11th August 2010 at 5:06pm
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Another of the old guard has come out against Martin O’Neill’s exit saying it is a ‘smack in the face’ to the fans.

I’m sorry for those that don’t agree but I do. He has let you fans who loved him very badly down and also let down the is proud and magnificant club down. Who walks five days before the start of a new campaign?

The former Villa striker said on Sky Sports:

‘I was surprised at first, then shocked after it and then, as an ex-Villa player who cares a lot about the club, disappointed that he took the decision. It was not so much that he took the decision he did but the timing of the decision is a really strange one. It’s hugely disappointing in that it’s a decision that’s given no thought to the Aston Villa fans. Otherwise why would you leave five days before the season starts when you’ve been in charge of pre-season and all your set-up play has been done, then you walk out?’

Adding, ‘That’s a smack in the face for Villa fans who have supported him, largely to a man, in the four years he has been there. I’m really, really disappointed and shocked by the timing of his decision.’

He also says on finances in the game: ‘Martin’s not alone in his frustration. But did Alex Ferguson throw his toys out of the pram when the £80million they received for Ronaldo wasn’t handed to him to purchase players and storm out of Old Trafford? No he didn’t. Harry Redknapp, as we all know, has been desperate to sign players all summer. Has he signed any? No he hasn’t.’

Andy goes on to mention £120 million spent and that it is reasonable for a club owner to take care with the finances and do some ‘housekeeping’.

The strange thing is, there has been money available just no movements have really been made this summer. All fans are getting frustrated, our club is no different. IF MON had walked in May that would have been one thing, but he chose to walk just before the season, just as the owner had left for America and just because he so obviously didn’t have a care for this club or us the fans (especially you guys who were so amazingly 100% behind him)

‘When you look at the bigger picture, Martin has been given something like £120million to spend in four years. That’s a massive amount to have been handed in four years at the club, so I don’t think anyone can accuse the chairman of not backing his manager, 100 per cent. And if Randy Lerner has decided that right now they just need to reign it in – just for a bit, maybe for half a season until January – and just steady the ship a little bit in regards to finances, then I think as a manager you have to accept it, understand it… and live with it.’

Meanwhile Big Ron told the news yesterday that Villa need to go for a ‘big name’ manager and although I’ve not seen the comments, I’m told that Curtis Davies was very clear about the way players were treated and ‘frozen out’. Oh hang on, here they are on Sky Sports – Click Here

‘I was shocked at Martin O’Neill going. I didn’t see it coming to be honest but a lot of players have been frustrated by not having a fair crack of the whip and I’m one of them. There is no guarantee whoever comes in is going to play you or not play you. But if you feel you have got a chance, then you are happy. As long as someone who comes is fair, I am sure people will be happy. I felt I didn’t have a chance.’

He adds that although it is a difficult time we have good players and says Kevin MacDonald is a ‘good coach’ .. ‘Hopefully he has got enough time to put his stamp on it and we can pull together for him.’


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