Date: 15th February 2006 at 4:55pm
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Villa striker Juan Pablo Angel has dismissed reports saying he wants to leave because of his lack of first team places.

The Columbian hit man said ‘I am very happy where I am’.

Angel, who only has two goals this season, both scored in the Premiership, has spent a good time on the bench this year as Luke Moore, Milan Baros and Kevin Phillips have added competition to the striker positions.

Seems Angel wants to be a Lion for life, and why not, get the service to the strikers sorted and we’ve got some lethal finishers.

He said: ”My children have grown up in England and my family is totally adapted to England. ‘I have already been in this country for five years and besides that, three coaches have been here and I have always been in their plans. ‘I would like to end my career in this team, where I am treated well, despite that sometimes you think of changing. ‘But I am very happy where I am.’


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  • Its good to see a player out of the team under standing that if a clubs to have succsess there has too be competition so well done JPA keeping optimistic about his future unlike Samuel who never stopped moaning for months it reminds me of someone.

  • Must admit, if I was on £40k a week, I’d probably be very happy to stay as well! ;-)) Agree though, nice to see a player not whining on!

  • Interesting he comes out with this once the transfer window is shut and he realises he has fallen further down the pecking order behind Lukey.

  • Good news in my opinion. If his comments are exactly what he’s planning and thinking then I applaud his commitment. I rate the guy, always have, and believe what he needs right now is a run in the side to build up a decent strike partnership with whoever.

  • Interesting for several reasons
    It kills the myths about player unrest
    It kills the myths about O’leary losing the dressing room
    Why if he’s so happy does his form stink so much
    Many Villa fans are too quick with the glib comment to justify there po

  • Now all we need to do is keep the other three sweet. KP is going nowhere but we know if Baros has a good WC there will plenty of European clubs sniffing and if LM keeps improving how long will it be before some of the English big guns start sending their

  • Good to hear players wanting to stay at VP,we have the best strike force we have had for years at the moment

  • i bet he does want to stay with villa 35k a week doing feck all 10mins spells here and there i think i could cope with that

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