Date: 17th April 2007 at 6:11pm
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Juan Pablo Angel has said his farewells as he leaves for the MSL in America.

The 31-year-old striker said: ‘Aston Villa will always have a place in my heart.’

And added on the official site:

‘I would like to take this opportunity to basically thank the fans and everyone at the club. They will always have a place in my heart. Everyone has made me feel welcome from day one. It’s an exciting moment for me with a new challenge, but on the other hand it’s a sad moment because I only have good memories of my time here at Aston Villa and I struggle to find the words to thank everyone here.’

‘I will always be grateful to the Villa supporters and I wish them all the best.

‘I hope that one day, later on in my career or in my life, I will have the opportunity to come back here in different circumstances. I think this club has huge potential.’

And on a fellow USA exile and another player ending his top level career far too early, he added:

‘I made my Villa debut against David Beckham at Old Trafford. It’s an exciting time for me. I never thought about playing in America, but when the opportunity came along I spoke to my family and made some calls. The whole project suits me and I’m looking forward to being part of it. I cannot wait to get there, start training and hopefully start playing. I was sidelined over the last couple of months or so and I didn’t want to be around not playing in the games I wanted to pay in. This opportunity came along and I just want to be playing regular football. I’m excited about that, but I wish this club well.’


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  • i made my comment on the other JPA blog from today, but again, thank you juan. true villain.

  • Good luck JPA you are a rare breed. You don’t whinge when things aren’t going your way all the best.

  • A nice guy as well as a great footballer. In a better Villa team he may have really exploded for more than the one season e did, but he contributed wellmost of his Villa career and I will always remain a fan.

    Hopefully, with our American connections we may see you in opposition to Villa, one side of the big pond or other.

    Luke Moore, I hope a huge opportunity is coming your way and that you take it!

    Adios Juan Pab

  • I dreaded this day….i was at Villa in 2001 when he scored his first goal against coventry. met him many times during his time at the club and most recently over new years when we played chelsea and my son was one of the mascots. he was kind enough to come up and talk to us….took a photo with my kid…and gave his shirt to the boy after the man. wish him all the best and hope he scores many many goals in the MLS

  • Good luck JPA, i’ve always thought you were a model professional. I wish we had the staff and board that we have now back when he signed, he could have gone on to such great things!!!

  • Wish him and his family all the best. They have conducted themselves with dignity, when times were not the best. Still think he was worth another season along side JC. Good luck and thanks for great memories.

  • At times he really showed what a world class striker was, and it was a revelation, we’re not used to seeing players of his calibre playing in a villa shirt. He didn’t always fulfil his potential, due to a number of reasons, sometimes his fault but often not, and none were through lack of effort. So long Juan Pablo, you’ll be missed.

  • When he came to England he could not speak a word of English. He immediately had a very serious situation with his wife and he was living out of a hotel. His treatment by the club was shocking. He overcame all of this. He never moaned. His English is now as good as most of the fans. He always gave 100%. And by all accounts was genuinely humble and generous man. He always went out of his way to support good causes and always had time for the fans. Give me 11 JPA’s over 11 world class, spoilt prima donnas any day. Thank you for the memories. Good luck for the future. It would be very special if you were to join the lap of honour at the end of the last home game. Any chance?

  • Its a sad day for the Villa despite people thinking he was past it. Always loved You Angel Thanks for being a Villain & if your son ever has your skill then send him back for us please

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