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Reactions from the Aston Villa no show away to Cardiff City:

Half time at the game:

Into the second half:

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Fed up of naming names but some players did nothing in 90 minutes !!!! Apart from a Chester header did we have any other chances on goal ??? At this rate we are going to score less than we did last season. Mr Bruce you need to sort things out and quickly, start by dropping a few.

Get Sherwood back. This bloke is a joke..
AV Dave

No cohesion of play from the defense forwards… Awful game.

To be fair, we shouldn’t really be expecting anything else. The team was nowhere near good enough last season and I can’t see any real improvements in personnel or ambition. I said before…8th at best and even that’s already looking unlikely.

Positives. Newcastle lost first 2 last season and got promoted. Well Mr Bruce that is the only positive. Reading is a must win game. Our plan of hiring age UK players and spending 1 million could backfire. I am baffled as to what next. I have said it before, we are a one man team (Kodjia).
Ali Arab

What the hell is Bruce playing at?….. The buck stop with him. He clears out some deadwood and replaces it with…………………… yep, DEADWOOD!
Pride of Lions

Up until today I was concerned about the tactical ability of SB. Now I am worried – really worried. Still no signs of the players understanding the system they are supposed to be using, no cohesion, no teamwork and no ability to change things around when things are not going well. If SB stays, then he needs a new staff with an understanding of modern football. Cannot understand why Onomah, without a doubt our best outfield player, was taken off – was he injured ? As for Hutton – fortunately we have competition for RB ! ( unlike LB ).

Back four were abysmal. Chester beaten time and time again in 1v1 situations… Whelan running round like a headless chicken in front of them didn’t help. Other than give the ball away and take bad set-pieces, what does Lansbury do???

It’s taken us a long time to get a half decent Owner like Dr Xhia and unless he gets rid of this clown Bruce he will not be happy with his purchase at all.

I am always the eternal optimist, but I am worried already. Warnocks press releases were excellent, although I don’t actually like him, but he got his players up for it. Many other teams will be exactly the same. I shot on target in 90 minutes will very rarely win a game. I know it is really early days, but seriously not what I was expecting. A lot of the team today are Steve Bruce signings, just not good enough on today’s performance. Playing catch up already. I will now have another miserable Saturday evening. Steve, sort it, make me happy. VTID
Colin Cognac

Was getting worried last year with lack of progress in team play and tactical awareness shown from manager. Was hoping that with a full pre- season under his belt and some movement in the market things would improve. Sorry to say see no sign of improvement in team play, shape or balance. This is SB team and tactics, no excuses, now really worried.

Just got back from Cardiff what a load of rubbish we didn’t offer anything sorry guys losing faith in Bruce not sure he’s the right manager for us
cradley villa

I see that SB has said that ‘ we looked fragile once Elmohamady went off ‘. Well that just about confirms my fears about his tactics. Maybe you missed it Mr Bruce, but we were already a goal when he was injured and not looking good. Elmohamady is a defender and SB feels less fragile with an extra defender on the pitch rather than a winger like Adomah. A very negative game plan and, for me, a clear indication as to why we fail to play creative football. It’s not so much the players – I believe it is down to the way SB asks them to play.

was unfortunate to be there today. We were truly shocking. Bruce looked broken in his interviews after and admitted he’s not been able to fix the away problem. If he can’t then…….. and I don’t like the manager merry go round and this continue cycle. It’s a right nightmare this.
The Fear

wouldn’t like to be the owner/ceo now. We have to get promoted this season, if not with the FFP we will be a championship team a very long time. Stick or twice? It seems reactionary at the moment and no doubt unless he resigns, he’s got Reading and Norwich, but we can’t take any other spankings like this (if not for Johnstone it could have been 6 or 7) So disappointing because I like Bruce and having met him, know how proud he was to come here. But he had most of last season (I saw no improvements but wanted him to have a pre-season etc) pre season, two transfer windows (this one not closed and not his fault the restrictions) and today we looked worse than ever!
The Fear

In all of this, the one i feel sorry for is Tony Xia,he certainly deserves something better than this for what he has done. The good Dr needs to seriously look at how much time this manager is going to waste before he admits he’s not sure he can cut it, remember this is his team and has had nearly a season to make an impact and still wants to keep spending, stinks of desperation. ok,we have only played two games but already we look just as bad as ever.
AV Dave

Agreed Mr Fear & AV Dave. SB seems to be a good man manager and he does have experience. Maybe the solution would be to bring in a younger coach with a different vision in order to advise him on alternative tactics – to replace his current assistant(s).

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Can’t have two bosses DJ, Bruce would not accept someone telling him what to do and neither should he. He has to take responsibility for this mess. Never been a fan of Bruce’s brand of football, but thought he would make us tight at the back and find a winning formula. What we have ended up with is his brand of football, and poor results. It is very close to the point of no return, turning around a sinking ship is extremely tough if the tools you have in your toolbox haven’t worked. Don’t think he has anything left to offer myself. My only question is who is out there and willing to come?

‘it was on the edge of embarrassing.’ to quote SB , its on the edge of embarrassing that he continues to persist with Gabby , Hutton and it appears no plan B , did we have any attacking options on the bench , no , stacked with midfielders and defenders. On target 1 shot in 90 minutes , that’s farcical and the good Dr must be beginning to consider ‘what next’ or ‘who next’ , I know only two games in but seriously is there any change from last season ??? The Villa owner cannot let this drag on as come the 10th game of the season our season will ‘be over’ !!!!!

My many followers (well, my son) will recall that I advocated giving Neil Warnock the job prior to Bruce based on his ability to rescue ‘car crashes’, (Rotherham, Sheffield United, QPR, Cardiff etc) in a short space of time. How long do you think NW would have tolerated the likes of Flabby, Bacuna, Richards & Co? Refused to criticise Bruce since his appointment on the basis that he needed time to restructure and shape the team. Frankly, he has been a huge disappointment. There appears to be no semblance of tactics, his signings have been poor at best, and his ability to change things during a game, non-existent. Not a thing has changed since last season despite Bruce having the longest pre-season to work in. The horrific fact is, despite having JT in defence (a signing I thoroughly approved of) we could have conceded 7 or 8 goals against Cardiff. Sam Johnstone made, at least, 5 ‘one on one ‘ saves. Hate saying this, but another change is needed before the situation becomes critical. Also, don’t understand the love-in with the good Dr. You could create a balance sheet that shows that, taking into account monies available (players’ sales, parachute payments, TV money, season tickets etc) he’s ploughed about 2/6d into the club. An ability to produce stupid tweets occasionally ain’t gonna turn us into ‘the best team on the planet in the next ten years ‘! What is happening to our club?
Gut Prat & Ugly

Just got up, didn’t sleep, still really down. I’ve waited impatiently all summer for the season to start with great anticipation and expectation. Look at the line ups and benches. We are saturated with internationals on the pitch, the bench, injured and not even featuring. Cardiffs team, let’s be honest, apart from Junior Hoillet, how many others jump off the tongue? Answers on the back of a stamp please! Can’t get this situation off my mind, something needs to happen and quick. VTID
Colin Cognac

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  • Not. Good. Enough. Not. NEARLY. Good Enough. Embarrassing. Humiliating. Why is it that we buy strikers who score a hatful of goals at their old teams but cannot even get a shot on target with us? Hogan, Hourahane, McCormack, Gestede (see he scored for Bor

  • I didn’t go to the game yesterday. Traveling back from France with the family I saw a load of Villa fans at an M5 services. Loads. Constantly travelling around the country hoping for a good Saturday. And how are we repaid? With amateur tactics. Neil Warno

  • If we get beat Tuesday how long will Bruce last ???? we are then left with the question who next ??? Just hope the good Dr and KW are already doing some due diligence …. we can’t continue this season under performing.

  • Fear is right though, we are in a horrible place. A sacking will not help. The new person will come in and make the same mistakes.

  • This was not expected,this is not acceptable.Villa have been installed as one of the bookies top two come May,it’s a very very strong squad that Steve Bruce has assembled,two games one point,that’s not a good start. It’s way too soon to start worrying,New

  • So, were do we go from here? Something has got to happen and FAST! If nothing happens it will be another waste of a season because we’ll be in exactly the same position this time next season! Over to you Dr Who……

  • The big problem is players who don’t play well enough week in week out continue to get picked, then when they are out the team its ‘oh big salary’ who cares, I’ll make a few sounds, fighting to get back in the team etc etc …. lets rewind …get back in,

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