Date: 2nd July 2018 at 5:10pm
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The start of a new week in the lives of Aston Villa fans and Monday just saw the continuation of the total mess that now exists at B6 following the owner’s poop or bust approach to football.

With it being reported the other week that Dr Tony Xia had rejected a firm offer from a European bidder for a share in the club, despite the financial arrangements apparently being what was asked for, Monday saw a new potential development.

Has Xia Rejected Investment From A European Bidder – Some Villa Fans Are Sceptical But We Have To Be Getting Close To A Sale

The Birmingham Mail were reporting yesterday that Xia has knocked back another firm offer, this time from the American group that were said to have been eyeing up Villa Park last month.

Fans will remember the speculation, no photos, no names, no nothing – it could’ve been my gran out for a walk.

The offer was said to be £30million for 30% but tellingly the bid is described as coming last month. Not last week, not a fortnight ago, so where this sits in the timeline of the European bid is anyone’s guess.

Again the sum here is said to be a match for what Xia is demanding.

With speculation of a third group circling, it’s said they have now met with the ad hoc management team at Villa Park for discussions and they have apparently been in for us before, but no further details are given and it’s said that they haven’t yet made a formal offer.

The fact Jack Grealish gets a mention in this one and the ‘American group’ wanted to keep the 22-year-old unless an exorbitant offer of over £40million came in, well the games would appear to be beginning.

One game Xia won’t be enjoying is a report in the E&S that states he’s received a public rebuke from the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The rebuke related to Lotus Health dealings, not Aston Villa and it’s been alleged that Xia concealed information whilst he was chairman of Lotus that led to the censure.

I thought silly season over the summer was only supposed to relate to whether or not this would be the year we were signing Ronaldo. Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of Aston Villa – I wouldn’t recommend binge watching.

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5 Replies to “Another Bid Rejected By Dr Tony Xia Even Though They Wanted To Keep Grealish & A Rebuke From Chinese Authorities”

  • I just don’t buy that anyone would offer £30m for a minority stake with a business owner who hasn’t exactly proven to be very reliable and for a stake in a club in a real financial mess. They would be giving money over for no say or control. Would you?

    • So my 30p offer for 30% of Vital Villa is off the table? On that basis I’m out.

      Seriously the guy has either got a plan, I’ll be charitable, or is playing Russian roulette with the future of the club. I hope it doesn’t end tears.

  • I can see this playing out through July, until the club goes into administration then the season will start with a points deduction, only then will we get new owners. Totally embarrassing let’s march to holt in our thousands and protest and get him out before it’s too late. We all seem to be accepting it, lmagine it happening to a top six club in the prem

  • He is just trying to save face. If you do the honorable thing and sell. It honours my relatives back from the early 1900s who went to matches.
    You gambled with our future and still are. That’s the most despicable thing anyone can do. You lost. Stop being a loser and sell. Now!!!!!

  • Dr x is smart, I don’t like him one bit in reference to villa. But in all honesty Randy had left a real mess. This guy gambled and lost. I think he will steer us in right direction. 51% or more should be sold to an owner with knowledge of football, and build us gently back up. This is a wake up call to purest form of capitalism. Clubs aiming high and spending way above their means. Clubs will be going bust in the future, but luckily we are still a brand. Vtid hopefully.

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