Date: 12th April 2006 at 12:14pm
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David O’Leary is hoping that Gary Cahill will accept the contract that is on offer from Aston Villa. Cahill for many was man-of-the-match on Sunday v Baggies, especially after his goal line clearances. He actually looked like the more assured and experienced centre backs with Liam Ridgewell looking the rookie.

However, if the manager wants to persuade the player that his future lies at Aston Villa, what the hell has he made such public comments about what should be private negotiations?

Reports have suggested that Cahill is stalling on taking up a new four-year contract due to the terms.

O’Leary said: ‘Young Cahill came in and did us proud. He was a very committed lad, and that’s what we want here. We want hungry people who want to take the club forward. He has not signed a new contract yet. He has been offered four times what he is on now, and his representatives feel it is not good enough. But I think the contract is very fair. It is a similar situation to Davis and Ridgewell. Davis and Ridgewell had three years left of their deals, but the club told them if they played so many first-team games they would be rewarded.’

Adding: ‘That’s what we are saying to Cahill – ‘Go and prove yourself over a season, and this new contract will be torn up for a better one’. The onus is on him. The club won’t be changing their mind.’

Hmmm. If the player is being greedy, then you can understand the clubs stance, especially as they aren’t being run correctly and have little money! BUT I’m still not convinced that running to the press is the best way to resolve this contract ‘stand off’. Just seems to add to the negativity at Villa and the poor image of O’Leary.


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  • Like somebody said maybe he is worried about the 4 year contract at this money…not like Doug is the most trustworthy amn in the world on backing up promises now is he! Maybe we shoud offer him a 1 year extrension at this rate and then he knows if the mo

  • Trouble is, offer him a one year extension, see him break into the first team and his stock will just rise.

  • If we are hearing the truth from inside of VP, DOL in particular, then personally for once I am on the side of the club. Let him prove himself at Premiership level, not after one or two games, but over the course of a full season. We are told that the dea

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