Date: 2nd August 2012 at 1:38pm
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The Mirror`s Villa dude James Nursey has said on twitter

Appears #AVFC Lambert still considering another centre-back despite signing Vlaar. This summer at Villa Park promises to be a serious refit

I think that is right, we need another one, especially as Dunne is a) out injured for 6-8 weeks b) ageing c) over the last 2 seasons, sporadic

But with the news that Gabby is also out for 4-5 weeks, do Villa not also need a striker?

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Links so far this summer:

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27 Replies to “Another Defender Wanted By Lambert – But Who?”

  • Simon Kjaer, Hangelaand, Ryan Shawcross, and for left back cresswell or Simon Poulson, and striker Jordan Rhodes Zaha or Berbtov 😉

  • Brede Hangelaand or Ryan Shawcross for me. If thats out of reach then whats going to happen with Michael Dawson now Spurs have that Jan Vertonghen chap? Kaboul had a good season so doubt he’ll be on the bench.

  • Texiaria? Its Douglas man Douglas… Better known as Douglas… Hangeland good player but no sorry, Kjaer is fantastic and still pretty young but I cant see him leaving Wolfsberg, I like Shawcross but years of loft it forward under Pulis will hurt his chances with PL and he would cost at least 8m but more like 10m+…
    At LB I like the theory behind Cresswell young guy hungry for success so Id gladly have him, Poulsen looks ok but he’s a bit awkward looking at times, Erik Pieters would be a better shout than him and would cost no more than 6m id say and he’s the starting dutch LB and capable of playing CB…
    Jordan Rhodes and Wil Zaha are both young hungry worth a shout but if we signed one of them Id want to see the Fonz sold and another striker brought in… We need to look at strikers who are either technically good or capable of holding up the ball not just poachers like all the striker we currently have… We need a striker who can bring people into play and make things happen… Berba can do that but age and wages rule him out, say what you want about Carroll but you dont get 35m slapped on you if your rubbish I take him no problems… Somebody like Moussa Dembele would do…

  • Too many people think this is Football manager on here…Not a clue where some of these are getting Hangelaand from, I wan’t Messi here ain’t gonna happen.

  • P.Avfc…don’t be so insulting. Hangelaand plays for Fulham and we are a very good draw for most Fulham players, bar Dempsey. If he was so good then Arsenal, ManU/C or Chelski would have snapped him up by now.

  • Koolbill not being insulting, facing facts. For starters, this is all just Football manager stuff, just naming a player which has not been linked at all with the club, not gonna happen. And if you didn’t know, Fulham have finished above us in the past 2 seasons, not been relegation candidates like us and are a London based club which is a big thing for players, you might not like it but they are a bigger attraction currently, we have a lot of rebuilding to do.

  • And if you look, we have been rebuilding with very decent players and when Fulham were doing very well we bought Darren Bent. So that’s a moot point. And it is insulting to claim that those who put players names forward are living in some kind of surreality akin to a football game on a console. Facts are, we are rebuilding, we are bigger than Fulham, we do have a decent squad and a manager who seems very savvy…I agree that Hangelaand would look at us and may be have to have a leap of faith because of our two seasons gone but this doesn’t rule us out. I think Fulham are a safe option given their form. Am I right in saying Vlaar and El Ahmadi hadn’t been linked but were signed?

  • Another CB, a LB, a striker (preferably one with strength and an aerial presence) and if possible another winger with plenty of pace wouldn’t go amiss. I don’t know who but that’s Lamberts job and I trust him to do it.

  • koolbill Vlaar and El Ahmadi’s names were threw around for weeks especially Vlaar? And I still don’t agree, just because we have brought players who are still ‘unproven’ doesn’t make us the team we use to be…Fulham have achieved more in recent seasons, and being a London based club makes them more of a prospect, that may well change this year who knows, we are not bigger than Fulham because we have a dusty European cup in the cabinet. There is nothing wrong with speculating on players, but that’s all it will stay as ‘speculation’, nothing more especially with Hangeland and I would bet on that.

  • Douglas would be a excellent capture if we could somehow manage it. Don’t think he is on mega wages in Holland either.

  • p.aVfc We certainly are a bigger club than Fulham mate, i totally disagree with the points your making just because they finished above us so what, so too did Norwich and Baggies are they bigger? Just because a club is in Londin does not make them bigger either over many years we have signed players over Fulham who they also wanted plus they pay peanuts to what we pay players our ground is superior and history wise which need not be mentioned!

  • Just another thing could you imagine Fulham signing Bent for £24 million and paying 70k week on top?

  • Okay first lets leave this boring ‘history’ argument out of it Clive, it’s all we ever seem to bring up when arguing with opposition fans, it’s ancient times, it’s the present day that counts. I can see your point when you say Fulham aren’t bigger, because apart from the league position they don’t have much on us, I think ‘prospect’ is the better word. We have been relegation candidates 2 years running, apart from us Villans most the fans I’ve spoken too still expect us to be around the same spot this year, I disagree. At the end of the day, I do think being a London club matters, ask yourself this, two clubs who have not won anything recently, one in relegation battles, the other who have maintained comfortable positions in the league and can potentially challenge for Europe, one located in Birmingham the other in central London…I’ll probably have some biased cocky reply but I’m thinking the latter is the better option. We have only words to persuade players, we have been an embarrassment for 2 years, a laughing stock and have points to prove before we get back to how we was which also covers your point on us signing Fulham players in the ‘past’, hence the word ‘past’. And No Fulham probably wouldn’t pay that for Darren Bent, don’t see your point, won’t make us finish any higher will it? We are a bigger club than Fulham, I take back what I said but It’s difficult to ‘currently’ see how their best players would want to come to us, same goes for any top 10 club.

  • P….when I refer to linked players I am talking about the same joes that were being linked season after season and KEA, BH and RV were not – they were born of leaks and no one had truly ever mentioned them before Lambert targeted them. My point with you is not about Fulham and London being a presently more agreeable option because they ARE. My poi t with you is that because we live in hope and aspire to Hangelaand as a wish does not give you a right to sarcastically refer to us as Football Manager gamer types – I hate that game – I hate all football games except the real one. We can want Hangelaand and with a few good seasons we will buy someone better. Debate over.

  • Well we both have different opinions, I think mine are valid but It seems like we are debating over several different things at once…I do feel Hangeland is out of reach, and with all these names being thrown around it does seem a little football managerish to me, but yeah that’s just me, doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Peace breaks out!!! However two points. 1) A lot of people enjoy speculating on what players we may or may not purchase and it provides a good basis for debate. Which is the point of this site I guess. and 2) Its the money that counts to the majority of players (and people in general), not history, location, previous managers etc. In a 10 to 15 year career you need to earn as much as possible whenerver possible. Oh and your agent needs you to make him money also.

  • RiF: agree totally but do believe that if a London club of equal success and offering same wages goes for the same player – we are up against it-not least because of the tabloid anti-brum agenda. Saying that though I reckon the training facilities give us an edge. Also agree with your point about speculating – it drives the imagination and keeps this site ticking along. Remember MoNs second season when there were three to four transfer threads with the 400 comment limit being smashed by wild wish lists, including if I’m not mistaken one about Guardiola coming here as an ageing player!?!? My life those were dreamy days.

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