Date: 16th May 2006 at 3:22pm
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No dreams and no hope. For the first summer ever supporting Aston Villa, all my dreams and hope are gone and they have been replaced with resignation.

Resignation that Aston Villa will be fighting for their premiership future next season and will possibly go the way of Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forrest before them.

Aston Villa used to be one of the biggest clubs in the world between 1874 and the second world war. Then we went through a bad spell, but from tales of people of who were around at the time there was always dreams and hope that things would get better. Then they did, with the height being reached in 1981 and 1982 winning the League Title for the seventh time and the European Cup.

December 1982 though was to be the start of Aston Villa’s downfall with Doug Ellis returning to the club. Many supporters at the time said they would never return while he was in charge. They have not been seen since.

Since 1983 Aston Villa have become a club that has went hand in hand with underachievement and mediocrity. But I and many others stuck with the club we loved. We dreamed and hoped that Ellis would leave soon and we would have our club back and we would have a good future. Before moving to Birmingham in August 2005 I went to all the home and away games from Scotland.

However, the Emperor Ellis and Darth O’Leary partnership has been to much to handle. My hopes and dreams are gone and replaced with resignation.

I hope you are proud Ellis and O’Leary but I have had enough of this hurt and suffering without the hope of a bright tomorrow. You are both liars and Aston Villa deserves better than you both. And until you both leave, you will never see my money ever again.

Aston Villa RIP.

Matthew Lingard


11 Replies to “Another Fan Resigns From Villa!”

  • I am with you on this one. I will not Invest in the club again until either he goes or puts some of his OWN money into the club.

  • Come on Guys, yes things are bad, and yes it looks like we are stuck with DD and DOL but the only hope our ONCE great club as is us the fans, we have to supply the crutch until such time as a higher power takes DD. That looks like the only way we will ge

  • If all the people that hate ellis and o’leary stopped being villa fans, then what would be of our club? and villa would be stuck with them for even longer without the fans that will say or do something to get rid of them. Stick with it, this is a great cl

  • Something has to change and quick, you are the only hope for a decent midlands team. DD & DOL must be shown that they do not have the support of the majority of ordinary long suffering fans

  • This article hits the nail on the head for me, even in the days of 2nd division football, there was always a hope for a brighter future. Ok we’ve had bad times and good times but we could always see the hope and possibility of a bright future and that vi

  • Agree with the article. My dad boycotted the club when Ellis took over and that was that. I will join three of 6 season ticket holders I know of who not only not renewing, but not even attending. Away games anyone?

  • I think this season will be O’Learys last chance and probably Ellis’s last which means we should look forward to O’Leary doing everything he can to save his job and Ellis doing everything he can to sell. And we can look forward to the season after next in

  • i jumped ship in the mid 90s it still hurts not going to matches ,i refuse to attend while dd is there iknow this to be the case with lots of fans,why live in hope with that muppet in charge he cant last much longer,up the villa

  • I think you lot should all go and join the Chelsea, Man Scum and other glory hunters. Supporting a football club is about supporting them through thick and thin. Don’t you ever wonder why our away form was better than our home form. That’s because when we

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