Date: 4th August 2012 at 9:23pm
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Sky Sports are having another ‘understands’ moment and are suggesting Villa have gone on ‘red alert’ after Schalke have told 26 year old midfielder Anthony Annan to look for a new club.

So in other words, it could turn out to be as true as me claiming I’m an Olympian!

The Sky Sports report is vague at best on any real link to Villa, but it’s based on quotes from the player himself.

‘I have not been called up for any pre season games – it’s embarrassing. There has been some contact from clubs but I have two years left on my contract with the German club, so we will have to see what happens.’

The Ghana international was loaned to Vitesse Arnham last season, so clearly has no future with Shalke, but are we in the hunt for another midfielder now?

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21 Replies to “Anthony Annan Next One In?”

  • A player that’s basically been told to “do one”?

    It just get’s better, not.

    Talk about scraping the barrel.
    Where’s the quality, that is so desperately needed, imo?

  • badger, chill out mate. Its a press rumour. If (and its a big if) Lambert wants the player then we all have to accept it and let him get on with building the type of team and squad he wants. I can remember a certain defender with an alcohol problem and dodgy knees who was told to “do one” from old trafford, he went on to be a legend at VP and we still sing his name…..

  • Seriously struggling, Lambert’s cards are that close to Faulkner’s chest this season nobody knows anything until we see somebody at VP/Bodymoor or the club announce something. In many ways it’s fantastic business by the club to keep things so quiet.

  • he is a really good player!! was a wonderkid a few years ago playing for ghana and was amazing at rosenborg (albeit in a poor league) the moved to shalke and didnt get a look in. but hes a good strong technically gifted player who ive always liked. (basically he is a clone of makoun lmao!!)

  • He would be brilliant! Hard working defensively, and with some “Xavi-qualities”, i.e quick on the first meters, excellent close-up technique, hard to get off the ball and very, very good passingskills. And he’s short… But, a true hidden gem that i think we would be very lucky to get! Was one that stood out for ghana in the last world cup too. Go get him!

  • i think the outcome of the Makoun saga will determine whether we make a move or not, this guy looks like his twin FFS!

  • It’s the way Villa love to do things Mike and it is good to see us able to get back to doing that! Although frustrating in some ways I like it. Just quietly doing our business. No waves, tsunami’s, earthquakes. It’s good and been a long time coming. Now roll on the beginning of the season. I am in withdrawal mode now

  • AVBornandbred, I wish I had the belief you do in PL and his miracle working abilities. My money says things aren’t going to go as smooth as you think this season. We quite simply need some top notch quality, as it’s sorely lacking, imo. Although, yes, I see your point re God. How many of those have we EVER signed though?

  • I’ve been massively impressed everytime I have seen him play for Ghana, reckon it could be a great signing.

  • Agreed Kef, transfer rumours normally bore the pants off me anyway, it’s not something I’ve ever brought into, can’t get excited about ‘what ifs’ so I love the surprise of us doing business from left field compared to the days of Ellis talking about Ronaldo lol

  • Yes we may need a bit more quality but why spend 20-30 million on one player (especially when it’s get you carroll) when we can get 3-4 good players from Europe so we can have competition for places, rotate the team (like mo’n use to, lol) and have backup for when the inevitable injuries come.

  • Have to disagree with you though mike, love the whole transfer links even though most of them are bs

  • I know I’m in the minority Aussie, no problems mate lol JF loves the spec so that’s why I generally leave that stuff to him lol

  • When / if PL buys this / another player it is worth giving him a chance time to settle in without negative comments. All other commnets are premature as no one knows how anyone will play under PL.

    Wish AV could get a total result environment like team GB Rowing / Cycling (and now athletics). Build that PL please.

  • He’s a good technical player, I certainly would welcome him. It’s only an If and it’s a card close to the chest. Lets hope there is a few “striker” cards close to the chest too.

  • Im the same Mike i luv transfer speculation the first thing ido of a morning is switch on Vital or bbc teletext and scour the net for rumours lol this Annan fella was rated highly a few years back but as you say Lambo and Faulkner keep speculation and transfer rumous at arms length and we will not know until the players nearly signed who Lambo wants so taking this speculation with a pinch of salt.

  • If this is true thats Makoun out the door I would say… And like Clive says this guy was highly rated not too long ago… The second coming of Claude Makelele was what I remember hearing…

  • I do like the transfer talk, been a quietish summer this time around, I also love that list I do and crossing out those that are wrong etc. I don’t get out much lads! Nah, it does give us something to talk through during the close season and it can be exciting. Best one was the Darren Bent purchase, not even the hint of a whisper and the next minute he was ours! The Club are very good at keeping an awful lot of this secret, unlike the last owner, the club had more leaks than the Titanic in those days, it was great to know all the gossip I must admit (LOL) but this is far more professional!

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