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Ladies and gentlemen, we have one. One what? An opti! Excellent post by Villan Semper Fidelis Villa:

The ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, there is a hole in the o-zone layer, debates about global warming, war continues in Afghanistan, reports that too much processed meat is bad for you, half of UK final pension schemes in the private sector are going to close within the next three years, rising levels or personal debt, warnings regarding increased levels of repossessions if there is an interest rate rise, increasing levels of unemployment, swine flu, Smoking linked to increased brain lesions and brain shrinkage in MS; Personality type linked to risk of death among individuals with peripheral artery disease and worst of all Aston Villa have lost the first game of the season and John Carew has a sore toe.

O`Neill out

Benitez out

Moyes out

Get them all out, they are all failures, lets finish the season now.

I have read, what if O`Neill goes at Christmas, what if Villa do a Newcastle, Martin O`Neill should have done this and that – all with the benefit of hindsight I might add.

Alex Ferguson known for his mind games is clearly trying to hoodwink a section of the Aston Villa fans by saying how highly he rates Martin O`Neill in numerous reports over the years. He clearly wants Villa to keep such a useless manager, he couldn`t be telling the truth could he?

O`Neill has a proven track record, much better than the record of many of the managers people seem to want to take over at the club. Then again, opinions are normally based on who is in fashion at the time.

Thank goodness Randy Learner believes in the long game, being patient, putting his trust in someone and sticking by them even when times are tough, no surprises that he is a successful business man because of this approach is it? He has the balls to stay at the table when things are getting tricky instead of folding. No one can have that level of wealth without making difficult decisions.

I might also add that Alex Ferguson was given time by the board at Manchester United, how he rewarded them for showing faith in him.

I seem to remember a Manchester United team that lost at the start of a season – you can`t win anything with kids, well what happened there? There are still some of those kids at the club, how many medals later?

Times have changed since then, now the mega rich have entered the frame, Villa have a very wealthy owner, however his fortune is dwarfed by that of the owners of Chelsea, Manchester City, whereas Manchester United and Liverpool sell merchandise all over the world and have more income streams than Aston Villa and can attract better players because of the history of those clubs.

Do we give up? No

What Martin O`Neill seems to be doing is bringing in a wealth of talent, young, English building for the future. Villa once missed out on Robby Keane because of an extra 500k (approx 5.5m) in the Doug Ellis years, he went on to be sold for approx 13 million. These days, Villa don`t miss out on the young talent, they attract it and sign it. They want to play for Martin O`Neill.

People cry for more players, for more money, yet it`s not their money they are spending. At the same time, some of the player`s people are calling for have the option of signing for Inter Milan etc.

As much as I like Birmingham, if I had the wealth of some of these footballers and had no ties to the area I would not choose it above Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, and London. I could post if I would sign Messi, doesn`t mean it`s going to happen, in fact we all know it never would, plus I would not be accountable for it, easy to have an opinion that way. Most people on here could post a forty man squad of names, going out and doing the business is another matter.

Time – everyone wants success now without thinking what is realistic. Maybe O`Neill has created a rod for his own back by almost challenging the top four last season. I think he would want that pressure though and would embrace it.

He`s (Martin O`Neill) had 3 years – Yes, how many has Alex Ferguson had? Wenger? Villa are playing catch up. Liverpool and Chelsea also had a better infrastructure after the Doug Ellis Years. Manchester City have just spent silly money.

Then there are the General posts on this site, a director of the football club, some people are downright insulting, the people that post here are a minority amongst Aston Villa fans, let us not forget that, yet the General still takes the time out.

The General seems to have the patience of a Saint with some of the drivel that he has to read through, issues being repeated, time and time again. He knows that he will not please everyone and continues to post and answer everyone, even those that show a clear lack of respect at times.

People complain about lack of knowledge because they are from the US, people ask how much money is going to be spent, people ask for minutes from meetings, people complain about investments in the club saying they want it on the pitch even though it`s from a different budget. No matter what is done some people like to complain.

The transfer window remains open, the sounds coming from the club remain positive, maybe Doug should be brought back. Perhaps Randy should cut his losses and sell to the circus that is in charge of Liverpool.

Take one game at a time, Villa win the Peace Cup people are raving about the youngsters, Villa lose first game of the season O`Neill out etc etc etc. People can have whatever options they want on here, you`re not accountable for them, at the end of the day they are just opinions (normally with hindsight) and you will never know if you`re right or wrong because you will never be in the situation to be held accountable for them.

I for one remain positive.

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