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Taken from our achives from November 13 2006, an interview with General Charles Krulak: Exciting Answers From General Krulak
Vital Villa readers were asked for questions to put to the general and here is the result, a great interview with General Charles Krulak which is both entertaining and informative. It also makes for exciting reading when you see the vision for the future. There is certainly a growing bonhomie amongst the Villa fraternity. COME ON YOU VILLA!

Non Football Related:

How do you find England (and I don’t mean turn left at Iceland like Ringo Starr said when asked how the Beatles found America!) and what do you make of the English food, drink, sense of humour and culture? JP Fear

I love England. As a Marine, I visited the UK almost every year and as a businessman, I lived in Chester from 2000-2004. My wife and I enjoyed every minute of our time in this Country. I particularly enjoy the people, their humour and friendliness. They are kind, caring and courteous…and particularly nice to people from the ‘Colonies.’

I’d like to ask the general (and its not football related ) .. How easy or difficult was it to go into business after a life in the military, and has he used the leadership skills from the marines in business, because the way he’s going if he asked us to follow him in to some hellish war zone, I think most of us would follow …. And what chance is there of getting Randy himself to do some kind of Vital Villa interview? WITHES SWEATBANDS

The transition from the Military to Business was easy. I have not changed my Leadership style at all. My basic philosophy is to care for people, focus on the mission and work hard…results will come. I know many fans would love for Randy to do some interviews but that is just not ‘who he is.’ He is very low-keyed and steers clear of the spotlight. He has little to no ego and just would rather let his actions speak for him.

It has to been done, your first answer. Please. McDonalds or Burger King? Beer or Wine? Disneyworld or Universal Studios? The Browns or Villa? Baseball or Ice Hockey. Coffee or Tea? The Royal Marines or The Parachute Regiment? The Country life or City Living? The Simpson’s or King Of The Hill? Dogs or Cats? still sexy

Burger King, Beer, DisneyWorld, Aston Villa FC, Hockey, Coffee, Royal Marines (has to be), Country Life, Simpsons and Dogs.

Football related:

How are you settling in at the club and how have you all taken to the fans? JP Fear

We are settling in fine but still have much to learn. We admit that we are not ‘experts’ in English Football in general and the Premiership in particular but NOT at sports in general. Randy has been involved with American Football and will be bringing with him some background in that area to help as we look at the future for Villa. The Fans have been great…they really have. Their showing at Chelsea and at Everton was enough to make all of us proud. We have a superb Manager, a hard-working, talented team and the BEST Fans in the League…doesn’t get much better than that. Now we just need to continue to ‘put it all together.’

The one question I would be interested in knowing the answer too would be where they would stand on the issue of ‘safe standing’ areas. I know its completely out of their hands but if it was an option would they look to take it at Villa Park? Or even better would they add their voices to a campaign to get standing re-introduced? DeanoVilla

I like the idea of a ‘safe standing’ area but I have already been ‘ripped’ in the newspaper for talking about standing at games. Suffice it to say, I like fans who can ‘safely’ demonstrate their enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this is a rule that needs to be worked…we can’t just go out and violate the rules. That is not good.

I would like to know if there are any plans to upgrade the catering for match day, hey not talking posh stuff but perhaps a mac, kfc, burger king type concessions in the ground? DudleyPhill + others have asked if there will be any healthier options.

Yes we do have plans for upgrading the catering. No lobsters and steaks…sorry…BUT, good food and drink served quickly and professionally.

Will the fans get representation and do the board know what the likes of Fear did for Villa with VFC and The Shareholders Association and how much dignity they showed in disbanding whilst ‘others’ were critical but have kept going? WittonLane

Fans will get a voice…and my presence on 3 web sites should be a show of good faith in that area. We do know how much Mr.. Fear and his group did to support our bid and we are most grateful. As someone suggested, we will be erecting a Jonathan Fear statue in one of the toilets in the Holte End.

I usually use the club shop at Villa park which is excellent. However whilst in Birmingham last week I went to the shop in the Pavillions. Although the shop itself is smart enough the location is just plain bland. Surely we should be in more of a prime location and not in the basement opposite a closed sports shop where very few people seemed to pass. Any chance of it being moved to Bull Ring or New Street? abisdad

We will fix our Marketing effort, not only in Birmingham but all around the UK and the world. Mr. Bob Kain will be working with others to extend the ‘reach’ of Aston Villa. You will be happy with the direction we will take but….we need time to get it going.

Top 4. How many seasons? chris the villan + others

Top 4…tough question but the answer MUST be, This Season. We always want to shoot for the best.

Two questions: What is the vision for the club in 5 years? and how do they plan to improve the supporter experience? (OK I know there is free travel tomorrow, but that is a one off. What lessons have they learned in the US that can be applied over here?) Gordonsleftboot

Every Club needs a vision and I believe that Randy’s vision is for Aston Villa FC to raise the European Cup over their heads. We want to have the best facility in the Premiership. We want to have a ‘Villa Experience’ that will motivate fans from 5 years old to 95. We want to be good citizens of Birmingham and the surrounding countryside. We want to encourage fans to follow the Club…no matter where they live in the UK or World…and we want them to feel they are truly a part of the Club. We want open communications…not just to hear the good but the bad as well. We want the word, ‘Team’ to include the actual members of the Team, the Managers and Coaches, the Folks at Villa Park and the Chairman and Directors and the Fans…that we are all in this together. As an aside, the free coaches to Chelsea was not a ‘one off’…it was a promise to our fans that we care…today and in the future.

As a new comer to the sport and Aston Villa, purely from a fans perspective, which players have impressed you and stood our most so far? Also have you had much chance to mix with the players and how do they seem to have taken to the new regime? Aronno7

We visit the players after each game. They are most impressive. They care about the Team and the Fans…they play their hearts out. They work hard in training and have great respect for each other. Martin is a superb Manager….he is, foremost, a Leader and has the respect and admiration of all of his players…and certainly is respected by Randy and the Directors. It would not be right for me to single out a single player…they are all winners in my book.

Are there plans to honour the team of 1982 next year on our 25th anniversary and will Dennis Mortimer be made an ambassador for the club? It would be lovely to see a statue of Dennis Mortimer holding up the European Cup as a fitting tribute to a great player and great man. JP Fear

We will celebrate the 1982 team. Statues of past ‘greats’ are in the planning stages now.

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