Date: 8th October 2018 at 8:00am
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The transfer window might be shut but the media rumour mill is in overdrive when it comes to who Aston Villa owners Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens will turn to in their first ever managerial appointment.

You only have to scout social media or even our very own Vital Villa Forum to see the plethora of suggestions being made for our next gaffer, and equally the type of gaffer fans want, don’t want and it’s fair to say there isn’t a lot of agreement.

Some prefer the idea of a steady hand at the tiller given how woeful the balance in the squad is given former manager Steve Bruce’s summer transfer decisions and others want a fresh face, with fresh ideas and somebody who may have to start slowly, but will finally build a philosophy at the club and a real core.

It’s no surprise to see Thierry Henry rumours return given the previous press about him – despite his own eventual denials – but this time there is a twist and suggestions are Henry will come in as gaffer, former John Terry will come in as assistant gaffer tasked with defence – and it leans on why he didn’t return as a player.

Sky claim they understand that unlike last time, ‘very positive’ talks have been held with the Frenchman but Terry himself has confirmed on the interweb that he’s hung up his boots – Click Here.

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Links of a playing return to us are obvious, in our current situation I am surprised to see this announcement then see him as linked as part of the management staff because we need a defender on the pitch – but people have read into.

“I also want to say a huge thank you to Aston Villa for giving me the opportunity to play at such a big club and captain it throughout the 2017/18 season. It was a privilege to represent such a renowned football club with great fans.”

Muddying the waters further are links to Celtic’s Brendan Rodgers, but even then, Terry is linked with an assistant return – Click Here.

Like Brentford’s Dean Smith though, Rodgers is distancing himself from the job at this moment in time.

Given the pointless October international break, you don’t need to have an IQ larger than Donald Trump to know our new man will be in place before the end of the week as the first real public test of our new owners is not going to give the new man less than a week to work with the players in our position and form.

That would be a first real failure and you don’t build that amount of money in your life by making many mistakes.


6 Replies to “Are Aston Villa Set For An Intrepid Management Duo”

  • Massive Gamble, by owners, feel they’ve missed the right candidate in either Forsenca or Faria
    It’s stand back and pray time. What a mess they’ve inherited. The talks and the Director of football
    are also crucial via Menges (never a dull moment )

  • Don’t we need a bit of experience to go with the young inexperienced approach? I’d have thought one or the other and an older head as assistant?

  • What you mean experience like Bruce had or like Rodgers, Moyes, & McCarthy have got!!!!!!!! Look where that’s got us!!! It’s time to take a gamble and let someone young with fresh ideas have a go, & who better than one of the premier league’s best ever strikers assisted by one of the premier league’s best defenders. For me it’s a no brainier.

  • The idea of a duo is good, but they have to compliment each other ( one of the problems with SB/Calderwood was they were so much alike ).
    Would prefer Ranieri/Terry or Rodgers/Petrov..

  • The various strands of the press seem to be putting a concerted effort to push their own favoured man/men forward. The Henry/Terry combo certainly has gained momentum on the airwaves, but whether the balance is there with the untried duo is debatable.

    The latest name emerging is Roberto Martinez, who I have always thought to be the expert of the smoke and mirrors approach to management. He talks a good talk and certainly has some effective attacking ideas, but has always been neglectful of his defence. That said, he might just have the ability to push us up, but I think it prove to be a struggle afterwards.

    Choosing the next gaffer is a really tricky decision to get right. I fancy the powers that be appear to be steering clear of the old school of recycled managers, probably to shift well away from the Bruce approach. I think that will suit many fans, but whether a steer completely away from experience is the right move, I am not so sure..

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