Date: 17th May 2006 at 11:12am
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I said a few weeks ago in my silly sign off for the listman forum:

The ‘the Russians are coming’ Fear

No one picked up on it!

The rumour has been for a while that a Russian businessman is looking for a club, Villa, a.nother Prem team and Wolves were mentioned.

Now the Birmingham Mail have a story saying Villa, Blackburn and Wolves are all possible targets.

Lets face it, we’ve heard it all before, but it might be interesting non-the-less. I also heard that a former manager (won’t name him unless the story breaks it) is advising or helping.

Apparently Doug has also confirmed someone else has approached, although I didn’t see his interview so couldn’t quote him directly.

Someone sometime has to approach, lets hope it is sooner rather than later. The catchment area alone shows we have a massive potential, a potential that we did realise in our past. Now we just need someone with vision (and preferably money!) who can also make it our future.

Lets also hope that the Comer ‘consortium’ go public and clarify the matter once and for all. It seems obvious that no bid is coming, so why don’t they withdraw? And if they have been blocked, or don’t feel the valuation is right, why not say so? The way they have dealt with this situation is far from impressive which only leads to deep suspicions as to their aims.

Must say the cartoon on the back page of the Birmingham Mail last night was hard hitting!

Had a picture of Doug (I think in a wheelchair but I might have imagined that!) with David O’Leary (looking like a puppet) sitting on his lap.

O’Leary was saying ‘I am the man for the job, even though I’ve got to sell before I can buy’ (words to that effect) and Doug was saying ‘We can’t afford to sack you’.

I’m sure that won’t have gone down well at Ellis Towers!


9 Replies to “Are The Russians Coming To Villa?”

  • A Russion would be great if he has plenty of oil, Re the Cormac brothers, something smells about that whole saga. One thing is for sure they cannot not be that keen when it is taking this long. I wonder can be blame DD for that??

  • I like it… well lets face it, my nans older than ellis, but im more confident in her than Deadly Doug

  • Ellis over values Villa plc. he should of sold when our shares peaked at £5. Now at just under £4 he’s asking for £63m+ when its market Capital is under £50. He has no chance. Championship beckons -lets face it, we haven’t got 10 easy points to obtain fro

  • Even someone like that megalomaniac at Hearts would be an improvement on the current bunch. Tommy Docherty once said the ideal board would be made up of 2 dead and 2 dying directors. He must have had Villa in mind.

  • Well I’m certainly not going to get my hopes up, but would certainly change the mood around here!

  • I’m certainly not holding my breath. The key issue remains that Ellis does not want out, and will continue to place hurdle after hurdle in the path of any interested parties.

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