Date: 15th July 2007 at 11:28am
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Ralph Ellis of the Sunday Mirror has a report today saying that Villa will spend £25million on Chelsea winger Shaun Wright-Phillips, Spurs striker Jermain Defoe and Charlton right-back Luke Young.

Ok, all those links aren’t exactly new, I can see us getting Luke Young next week if one of the other chasing pack don’t tempt him more. The Mirror say he is rated at £5million which contradicts reports last week saying he would be allowed to leave having asked for a transfer for £2.75million. Still, when journalists make up the fee’s to suit their reports anyway, how would we know what he is worth or what the club would take for him, it isn’t as if they put him on ebay with a minimum bid value now is it?!

At least with this report I can see that Ralph Ellis has at least done a little research and knows that Martin O’Neill wants players in before the USA/Canada pre-season friendlies.

However, were the Mirror not the paper who broke the story that Jermain Defoe would not be sold for less than £18million? Does that mean we spend £3million on Young and Chelsea sell SWP to us for £4million! Not likely.

Reports for a while have suggested that Wright-Phillips would see Villa as his preferred destination IF Chelsea decide to sell him. That is a big IF because Chelski have no need to sell anyone and if SWP is sensible, he’ll not ask for a transfer, because if he does, he could forgo a fortune in any agreements within his contract.

As for Defoe? I can see the reason for the links, I’d love to see him move and Villa does seem one of the most likely destinations if Spurs wanted to sell and if the player wanted to leave. However, at the moment he is at a club who will be in Europe next season and who will be challenging in the top six. Villa aren’t in Europe and that makes a massive difference. That isn’t to say the move and a chance of a regular start might not suit the striker though, for as long as he can’t hold down a regular spot in the Spurs team – which is also no great shame, they have the splendid Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane who, if I’m not mistaken, broke the 20 goals for a season for the first time last season (I’m sure Spurs fans will correct me if that isn’t right).

So yes, nice links, all very good, nothing we’ve not seen before. Now lets hope the next week see’s the links become reality, then we can get greedy and ask, who next?!?!?

So Ralph Ellis, you are under pressure, we’ll be watching you and if this report ends up wrong, we’ll be back to our usual chants:

We want Ellis Out – We want Ellis out!!!!


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  • These links are getting boring and annoying. My patience (and sky remote control buttons 405) are wearing thin!

  • Sorry to differ, but, Chelski would sell SWP, simply because they need cash. They are now in the position of needing to sell before they can buy. SWP is one of the many that has his bags packed and is ready to travel. One thing you can be sure of, Spurs can’t have him. His Dad has blocked any mentino of THFC. As for the ‘rags’, the so-called tabloid press, they are the make up more fantasy stories than Rawlings ever could!

  • luke young will be in a villa shirt next week, not sure about the other two, dont think they will be as straight forward to capture as luke young. And swp and defoe could drag on for a long time but would be worth it, would rather have sneijder than swp though

  • Shirt unveiling next week (we start today!). . . . its all going to happen then surely. I would say all three are possible and until someone else signs them we may as well keep the dream alive.

  • I reckon your boys have a good chance next year of being the ‘surprise’ team who qualify for UEFA. Don’t take the word ‘surpirse’ the wrong way, but not many ‘experts’ will predict that. Think with a decent GK, RB you’d be alright. Barry, Reo-Coker, Carew, Agbonga thingy magiggy and Young will all be key players next season for you….my only doubt for you is that your sqaud is pretty small. If you got Young and SWP you would definatly be in good shape for a top 6 finish

  • . . . and it ties in with my source who saw SWP and Defoe at the training ground. Admitedly about a week ago but its more signs that it could be happening.

  • Dont think Defoe would be at Villas training ground when he’s in the sqaud to go to SA with Spurs next week

  • Nothing new here, same rumours that have been doing the rounds for weeks now….hope they’re true though

  • Same old tat circling the tabloids.Who nows!At least with the US trip at the end of the week if deals can be done Martin will be on the case.
    I would expect something to happen.

  • Well we all know one things for certain next week and thats the new NIKE shirt!. hopefully a signing or too but dont forget theres still 46/47 days to go… no im not couting the days to go LOL.
    We hopefully will have another signing in place by friday and i hope that theres also players joining on the tuesday when we reviel our kit

  • I wouldn’t like to see Defoe leave, but if any he wanted to go anywhere then I wouldn’t mind he joined the Villians – not because I have any affinity to them but because I think under Martin O’Neill he will blossom and he is a big big talent who hasnt really showed what he can do yet. O’Neill will guarantee him 1st team football and is a great man manager

  • You can forget about defoe.When he said he’ll stay at spurs and fight for his place he meant it.I hope thats the case and he gets plenty of games. If not he’ll sit on his arse at spurs and see out his contract under the guidance of Sky Andrew. Maybe in 2 years when you’ve got yourselves back amoungst the big boys you’ll get him for free, albiet paying a massive signing on fee of which Andrew will get his cut………..Mussn’t be bitter…..

  • Although the Defoe-knockers in our supposed fanbase may be rubbing their hand with glee at the anticipated “Sell Defoe and bring in Ronaldinho” imaginary links, I don’t think he will be leaving, and I will be glad of it.

  • would b a good move 4 him 2 go 2 villa but think personally he would b better off at spurs. no disrespect 2 villa but u summed it up in the header. spurs r in europe and will be challenging the TOP 4 not 6, weve already cracked top 6, so a move to anyone but arsenal, chelsea, liverpool or united would be a backwards step. as 4 u signing SWP, i wouldnt bother. agbonlahor is a class act and will only get better and ive been consistantly impressed with ashley young so i dnt think u need him. im taking villa for 6th place or better this year lads, good luck 🙂

  • JD will stay at Spurs and O Neill can look elsewhere tbh. Why would he go to a club that has not even qualified for Europe.

  • Do you think players give a toss about playing 400 games in the Uefa cup ? Jesus Christ,it is an absolute crap competition,West Ham were in it last year.

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