Date: 8th December 2010 at 3:39pm
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BeardMasterFlex asks, are we being fickle?

Is it too early for us to start jumping on the manager’s back? Well, I’m about as fed up with watching Villa as anyone else right now. Although I’m living in Aus these days and not able to attend matches I do my best to watch the games staying up very late or getting up very early to watch them, and believe me I have often why I don’t just sleep through the games lately given how poor we’ve been.

For some reason every time the stream connects we’re about to concede or we have just conceded, last time against the filth it connected just when Dunne fouled Larsson. This time it was watching that pathetic Ngog easily nod one in, really not what you want to see when you’ve just dragged yourself out of a nice cosy sleep!

Anyway, onto my point, although we’re shocking at the moment I still think the Gerard out posts are a bit premature, its not his fault he’s had more than half the team out with injuries, nor is it his fault he was given the job when he was. Tactics and team selection yes, I can see why people are hacked off, I don’t understand why Cuellar isn’t playing, I also don’t understand why Downing is used on the right and why we persist with Ashley up front over Fonz when he’s clearly not that effective.

However the fundamental reason we’re playing so poorly is simply our squad is so decimated by injuries right now the back four don’t get the protection they are used to from the midfield and this is a large contributing factor as to why we are shipping so many goals. Playing the youngsters is a good thing, but their confidence is easily shaken, and without an experienced Petrov or NRC at least in the middle we are looking incredibly powder puff in that department. Its also obvious that Ireland and Carew don’t really want to play for us, and that only really breeds the negativity and low confidence that is manifesting itself throughout the squad at present.

Other than that, our forward line is a problem that has plagued us for a while, before Gerard, and he’s had no chance to mould the squad at all apart from bringing in Pires who looks like he needs a Zimmer frame when he’s playing. Ok so really all I’m saying is just have a bit of patience, give the man till after Jan, Carew and Ireland will no doubt be gone (praying). We’ll have a few more bodies back in the midfield and Houllier will have a chance to bring some decent players in hopefully not past their best and hopefully people who can make a difference, after all they need to for his sake. So my final thought goes back to the title, are we being fickle?

We don’t help ourselves with that tag that’s for sure. I saw an article on here saying bring Kmac back…now if that isn’t fickle I don’t know what is, everyone wanted him gone by the time we played Everton!

Keep the faith, and support the team through these incredibly testing times people, things will get better!