Date: 2nd June 2009 at 8:04pm
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Manchester City boss (for now) Mark Hughes has spoken to the City Official site about new signing Gareth Barry.

‘Gareth is widely acknowledged as one of the top midfielders in the Premier League, and that is a recommendation in itself. When players of his quality become available then you have to be in the market for them, so we are absolutely delighted that we have been able to conclude this deal. The experience required to compete with the best in the Premier League is vital, and with Gareth we get the experience of someone who has played week-in, week-out in the hardest league in the world. He plays at a level that has an impact on the game, and we are thrilled that he is joining us.’

He also says that Barry will give him some ‘flexibility’ adding ‘I have spoken to him briefly, and I will do at greater length soon. It’s clear to everybody that being at City is going to be exciting in the future, and Gareth sees that.’

Makes you wonder what Barry saw at Villa then?

Barry last season, according to Sky, had 5 goals (ok, I knew that bit) and 7 assists (not that great really).

Not sure how these clubs can be so quick in the transfer market but I AM pleased this situation has been done quickly, not how we wanted but at least the saga is over.

Barry said: ‘I’m delighted to be joining City. It didn’t take much persuasion from Mark Hughes, they are heading in the direction I want to go. There is great potential here, and I’m sure there will be a few more additions to the squad this summer.’

So Hughes convinces him and MON and/or Villa can’t? Are there question marks or is this all about money? Must admit, if I was offered the sort of money the reports are suggesting, I’d not think that long and hard AND you have to say with him only having one more season on his contract £12million to Villa is a good deal. I am sure that Randy Lerner was 100% in earnest when he said he’d allow Barry to run down his contract rather than have to sell him BUT if the player says he wants out AGAIN, then what do you do?

Cash in is probably the right answer, just such a shame it has happened, we need to be building, we’ve lost our two best players and I have to agree with a text I got from Erod (mate and Vital Villa member) saying he thought the days of selling our best players was over when Doug left.

Onward and upward, lets hope the next transfer is INTO Villa and not out, has it not just got a bit harder to convince players of our ambition with those quotes and the exit from Barry though? Not got the answers I’m afraid, just the questions!


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  • It’s all about ambition. He was told ours when he agreed to stay on for the season. As said before, talking is one thing but I’d be surprised if Barry ‘saw’ the ambition he was promised.< br>< br>Look at his choice of words, not that Man City are an improving club or that he’s joining a club on the up but they are ‘heading in the direction I want to go’. That’s a pretty specific comment to make.

  • Money,new challenge,better chance of a trophy/top 4,bigger stadium,playing with better players/manager.

  • Don’t care about the stadium Aspinall, not sure about the players or the manager. But regardless, Villa are my team and have been all my life, I won’t be moving on, for better or for worse.

    Lets face it, Barry isn’t a spring chicken anymore and he is not the complete individual in midfield, lets hope we can restructure now that he is out of the equation and accomodate a different playing style.
    I’m glad we got 12M for him tbh.

  • Get real for ***** sake, he went for the money and a taste of the big time which is sure to be coming to man city and i say good on him i would have done the same.After 5 seasons there and only 3 actually playing every week him and his grandkids will be set for life.Good luck to him,He is replaceable.

  • Now City will be hated just as much as Chel$ea and rightfully so. Yes they should have the right to sign great players and challenge the top 4, but what they are doing and what Chelsea did is stupid. Is Barry worth 120,000 a week?? WTF 120,0000 for Barry? Then what is Garrard, Torres, Rooney, Lady boy, Messi and Kaka going to ask for 260,0000 a week? Is Man ****y ruining football? Yes. Not because they dare to challenge the top4 but because they have to pay over the odds like Chelsea to get good players in to make up for their lack of prestige and CL football at there club. I?m not jealous about their spending power cause just like Chelsea some players just won?t go to their Club no matter how much money they throw at them because some players would rather say they played in a Milan, Barca, Liverpool and ManU shirt not ?I played in a City shirt.? Or at least say ?I was a one club man?. Too bad Barry isn?t one of those players.

  • Where are the quotes saying thank you to the Villa faithful !! This really strikes a nerve with me – after 10+ years with the club this is the 1st thing he should be putting over! Credibility – nil! We pathetic people think Ronaldo, Barry or any of these footballers play us – the fans! Nah – they play for money, personal fame and ego… Fans – we are just a cash cow for them. They’ll claim to see greener grass but in reality they will move on for the £££s….

  • Out with part of the old regime who’s not used to winning things, in with the new boys and a new winning mentality. Shame that it wasn’t a swap for some of theri young talent who won’t get a game up there but surely MON wouldn’t want to buy so early with a whole 3 months left to twiddle his thumbs before the final day influx of Heskeyesque ex players that he managed at old clubs!!

  • “they are ‘heading in the direction I want to go’. That’s a pretty specific comment to make.” well, last season they were 9th, this season 10th! so they are going down the table, good luck with that Gareth, I think it was more heading towards a massive pay day : ( that would be my guess at Barry’s desired direction, it’s obviously not the Champions league as previously stated, it’s all about the money.

  • Think its good business boys rather than leaving for nothing….If he wanted to leave for champs league I actually understand that….For money tho? Surely Lerner could have matched his salary if he had wanted to. Think you are best rid and I am happy he is not a Liverpool player as Xabi is a class above in my opinion

  • I already thought so and in fact today has made my believe even stronger that man city will not end up challanging any time soon. Man city already have a very good midfield with very good players that cant get into the team and then they go and buy another, they will have to sell some of these at a big loss to other teams strenghting them. Man city will buy a new team each transfer window and because its not gelling the owners will think they are crap and replace them. They lack the reputation that Chelsea had when they came into money so had more to offer than money but what else does man city offer?? by the way i do not mean to offend man city but we have to be real about these things.

  • Look at the players that are only in it for the money. Robinho for example did not even know the name of the team he signed for in a well known interview last year and if Barry’s track record (demanding to be sold in 2001, almost joining Portsmouth before MON became manager and the whole thing last year) is anything to go by he will not help things. I am not just saying this because we sold him but this whole thing has just made me think.

  • im glad its sorted straight away in the sense that now we have loads of time to buy a replacement. and if he went to liverpool, we would have man city trying to buy the replacement we want.

  • As my boss reminded me this afternoon he has spent a lifetime thinking things wil improve at Man City only for them to shoot themselves in the foot. Gareth Barry has served AVFC admirably, he wants another challenge, seemed determined to go, it appears the top 4 were not over interested and Villa got £12m….disapointing yep but life goes on, it is how Villa replace him that is more important now. No one can compete financially with Citeh…will they do a Chelski? I for one am not convinced and certainly not before Gareth Barry is put out to grass

  • To be honest I would rather build a team of players who really want to play for Villa and that in time would win a league than just go around spending silly money that is being put down as a loan from the owner to ovide paper work as it is at Chelsea and at man city that they have to pay back putting the club in debt. I can see one of these teams going under in a few years. It will be just like Italy a few years ago.

  • if hes so ***** why are you all so f**ing upset about him leaving if you seriously think your club is ready to challenge the top four then wouldnt liverpool be your rivals to.and if hes coming for the money so what! hes been loyal to you lot for years yet look how you go on when he finally decides hes had enough,maybe he was as sick about your surrender in the uefa cup this season as the rest of the football world and is it any wonder he wants away from you lot, oh and for your info hes on the same money you offered him, so i guess its not about the cash afte all is it??

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