Date: 31st March 2006 at 2:34pm
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1) In a parallel universe we thrashed you earlier in the season, back here on planet earth we drew at Villa Park 0-0, what has changed to make us worry about a loss at Highbury?

We’ve found our groove. After we beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeau, confidence oozed through our team and our younger, less experienced players began to gel. Eboue came in at right back and looks every bit as good, if not better than Lauren. Flamini is playing out of position but is arguably the best replacement left back we’ve had. Fabregas has just been awesome along with Ljungberg’s return to form before he suffered injuy. Last but not least is Thierry Henry actually looking like he’s enjoying his football again.

2) Talking about Highbury, the move to Ashburton Grove, a good thing or the evil money men ruining football?

A vital thing. If we want to compete with the biggest teams in Europe, we need to have the money coming in. Arsenal have never had a shed load of money like Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Sp*rs, but Arsene Wenger has made all the right choice and got us playing some great football.

3) Your season seems to have been up and down in the Prem, so why are you so good in Europe?

We’ve never really done much of anything in Europe until now, Wenger has always been quite stubborn and unwilling to change the way we play, but due to so many injuries this season we’ve been forced to change things slightly, playing a 4-5-1 formation. It seems to work really well in Europe too. Also the teams in the Champions League prefer to play football rather than play a physical game, something else which suits us down to the ground.

4) Do you think that Arsenal will be able to keep hold of Henry and does it depend on whether you win the Champions League or not?

No idea, and to be honest, it’s all getting rather boring. Most Arsenal fans have now chosen to put it to the back of their minds till the end of the season. If Henry really loves the club then he’ll sign, but until a statement is issued one way or another, I’m happy as long as he’s playing.

5) How close do you think Arsenal are to challenging in the Prem again?

I just wish the season wasn’t going to end so soon. Historically, we always have a good finish to our seasons and I think, if the season was another couple of months longer, we’d be right up there. Chelsea seem to have been found out and if they’re not careful, Man Utd are going to be right on their tails.

6) Which players from the Villa squad are you wary of and are there any you would like to see at Arsenal!?

I’m always wary of Baros. I don’t know how he’s performing for you guys this season as I haven’t seen much of Aston Villa, but he knows where the net is and he’s not afraid to shoot. As for wanting to see any Villa players with us………..I’ll take the 5th!!!

7) Which player, Henry aside, should Villa watch out for on Saturday?

How’s your left hand side defensively?? With Hleb and Emmanuel Eboue you should really have your hands full. Eboue has been a revelation in the short time he has been in the squad. For us, right is the new left. With Ashley Cole and Robert Pires our left flank was deadly, and I can see that pair running riot down the right against most teams.

8) What is your opinion on David O’Leary and do you think if we asked nicely we could swap managers?!

Maybe if you ask Bradford City! (I think that says it all)

9) What is your opinion of Villa, a big club, a sleeping giant, or in a coma?

I change my mind from week to week. I really feel for you guys because with the injection of a few quid I really think you could go places. You’ve got a great stadium, passionate fans and the base of a decent squad. However you really need some top class talent. I’d say you’re 3 or 4 top notch players from challenging for Europe. Anyone got a spare 25 Million??

10) What is your prediction for the weekends game and where do you think Arsenal will finish in the league?

Given the two teams current form, I’d have to say 3-0 to Arsenal. We have been solid at home and playing the good stuff now. That said, I predicted a win last time and look at the state of that match.

Thanks for that, I would wish you luck for the game, but you’d know I was lying.

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11 Replies to “Arsenal Finds Groove! Fan View.”

  • Oh go on, try!! I can’t see us winning, but if we play like we can, we could draw. Mind you, Mellberg is out, so more defensive headaches.

  • Who is Bradfords manager? I think we’d get the better deal in a swap anyway whoever it is! 😉

  • You have to fancy Arsenal, and realistically 3-0 looks a distinct possibility. The sad part about it all, is that right now I’d quite willingly settle for that scoreline.

  • Come on fella’s. Football is an unpredictable game. You could quite easily win. Not that I want you to but you could. Cheer up 🙂

  • Not sure about a win to be honest, but no reason why we can’t come away with a hard fought draw.

  • Well 1 minute into the second half and it’s 3-0!!!!! Perhaps this prediction was being a bit kind to us, we really are that bad!!! 🙁

  • Sounds like men against boys…again! How far we have fallen, its extremely disappointing. Two very important games coming up thats for sure. You get the feeling that this nightmare season is far from over.

  • Well not a bad result, we restricted them to a miserley 5 goals 🙁

    And Small Heath had a dreadfull day holding the champions, Chelsea, to a 0-0 draw.

    At this rate champions is a word we will have to get used to, as in “Championship”. I’m getting d

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