Date: 14th April 2007 at 11:28am
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Arsene Wenger has pointed to Villa as one of ten clubs who have the potential to be massive and who could break into the top four.

I remember Sir Alex Ferguson who manages a small club called Manchester United saying in his book that he believed Villa were going to be their biggest rivals in the 90’s, so it just shows these managers know the potential at Villa Park and now we have a board and owner who also understand what Aston Villa was and can be once again.

The Arsenal manager said Villa is ‘a big club with the same potential as Arsenal’ and with Randy Lerner and Martin O’Neill at the helm, not to mention a professional and well qualified board, we will hopefully see massive steps forward in the next few seasons.

Wenger added: ‘In England, you have the potential of 10 massive clubs and they will not always be asleep. To smash in and compete in the top four, you will now have Aston Villa, Newcastle, Tottenham. They are all big clubs with the same potential as Arsenal.’

Not sure the Gooner fans will enjoy him saying Spurs have potential as well though!?


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  • And we have the potential to be better than arsenal and win the champions league just gonna take about 5years

  • Newman, dream on!! Where does your unfounded optimism come from?? What has martin o’neill won at a decent club & dont come back with celtic because anyone could do as strachan is proving. Has Randy Lerner got a proven track record in football?? No. Arsenal have massive potential & there are only two teams that have a bigger support world wide which is a fact!! By all means have hope but don’t talk nonsense. The american who will probably takeover arsenal is richer than Lerner, Gillett, Hicks & the Glazers, plus he has a proven track record in many sports!!

  • ashbuton gooner, you say that the american that will buy Arsenal has a proven track record in sport, so has Lerner, he owns a American football team.

  • And Arsene Wengers track before joining Arsenal was what? Did nothing at Nancy in 3 years. Won the league and Cup at AC Monaco, hardly the best league in Europe, then got sacked. Then went to Japan which hardly is a ground breaking league either. So saying MON hasn’t won anything at a decent Club is a bit strange when you look at Wengers record before Arsenal.

  • If you read the article it is clear that it is not just Randy and Martin. the whole infrastructure of the club has been improved, and Randy has the desire to see Villa do well. Time will tell whether it is with MON or somebody else at the helm, and it will take some time to fix the damage done in recent decades, but we will get better. Why do you assume that it is Arsenal we will replace in the top 4? Could be Liverpool? Feeling insecure today?

  • id ont think it would be liverpool dropping out because they have a very good manager and a lot of money now more than villa i think and have a great youth team coming through with talent on par with arsenal but there first team is better than arsenal, they will be changelling for the premiership titel next year, arsenal are the weekest team out of the top four, they have good up and coming players but what if they dont succeed or the media gets to them?
    Villa will be there in 5years and MON will hopefully stay and be the man to lead us to glory ! UTV!

  • Arsene Wenger has pointed to Villa as one of ten clubs who have the potential to be massive… OK ten clubs and the already top four clubs = 14 as that leaves only 6 clubs in the 20 team Premiership and the fact that Chalton, Watford and West Ham could go down I take it that means Wigan, Fulham and Sheff United are going to be also rans. Strange Maybe Arsen is just deflecting from his sides current run of P5 W1 D1 Lost 3….

  • So Arsene Wenger is a fool then Ashburton Gooner? Just talking rubbish is he? Jeez, some club fans have very short memories.

  • Great that Wenger see’s our club as having the potential to rejoin the country’s elite. A mere twelve months back we were amongst the laughing stock. Talk is cheap, but like many others I firmly believe that in Randy Lerner, his new board, and MON and his staff, we very definitely have the right infrastucture and potential to begin clawing our way back. The Ashburton Gooner’s of this world are in for a rude awakening.

  • He`s talking common sense – no debt,decent boss,rich chairman,great stadium and now top quality training ground. Just need Keeper,2 defenders and Midfielder of top,top quality and can see it but can we get them ??? Interesting Summer.

  • Remember when Man U played 8 mins added time to win their game and the early prem league (cant remember 1st or 2nd). Villa were big then and were cheated by crap dodgy refs and an under fire man u. Arsenal winger is bang on when he said Villa could be top 4. Get behind ALL OF THE TEAM INC TOMMY S. It will come back.

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