Date: 23rd January 2007 at 5:46pm
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Aston Villa have announced that Ashley Young has completed his transfer from Watford following a medical at Bodymoor Heath.

The England Under-21 international is our third arrival following the loan of Phil Bardsley and John ‘The Hulk’ Carew.

Player Profile:

Age: 21
Previous Clubs: Watford – 22 goals in 83 starts.
England Under-21 international
Position: Left-wing, attacking midfielder.
Place of Birth: Stevenage, England
Date Of Birth: 09/ 07/ 1985
Height: 5’11
Weight: 10st 3lbs


37 Replies to “Ashley Young Transfer Completed”

  • not known for our patience us fans are we?! Great news though, MON is being backed (as I’m sure most of us knew he would be) and I think even Mystic Mug is happy because he predicted an unexpected signing (John Carew) last week!

  • Glad this was finally wrapped up, under deadly always thought he would offer the asking price for a player and then offer them rubbish wages knowing they’d turn us down so he could turn round and tell us he was trying to sign them and keep the majority of fans quiet. Waiting for a couple of days like this reminded me of this i.e. paul Robinson, James Beattie and Robbie fowler a few years back. Things have changed for the better and the future is bright.

  • At last, I can get some work done now, and next we have ??????????? (not greedy but you never know)

  • yeah….i agree..i can get work done…eat…and smoke less…..
    those poor subbuteo men were really feeling the ‘flicks’ of late….they can rest now….
    good work Villa…i suppose we wont stop here? perhaps a midfielder to add another surprise? (plse bring back Gordon Cowans)

  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! finally fort it wud never happen but john carew and ashley young…yes that is JOHN CAREW and ASHLEY YOUNG signin for aston villa. this is too gd cant wait till nxt year and after the summer window when o’neil sed he wud be spendin the ‘REAL’ money we shud be up there winnin games. not to mention a new kit (ours looks cheap naff at da mo) and a new crest things are lookin very gd indeed. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT THE FUTURE IS CLARET AND BLUE!

  • Come on, you sad villa fans, you signed Carew and Young, not Eto’o and Ronaldinho. You still are NOT going to qualify for Europe this season, or next season as a matter of fact, and no matter how much you think you are a big club, get this into your heads, YOU ARE NOT.

  • Go suck a lemon you lemon! You come on here knocking us but all I hear is “panic, panic, panic, another club is going to overtake us”

  • OAL -The fact is spurs stole the march with Enic and hoovered up the young talent for a cut price (Carrick 2mill,Lennon 1mill,Huddlestone,1.5mill,defoe 6mill,Dawson&Reid 8mill,jenas 8mill,routledge 2mill) when they were the only ones with cash.Where were your reddys for young when trying to trade in cast offs to do a deal.The fact is well done you got quality in but you can’t play em all..and players want to play.There are more big fish in the pond now sunshine!!..get used to it.

  • People have been talking about this lad as “the next big thing” for a few years now,he massacred the championship last year and has proved a top performer weekly in a very very poor football team,yes we have overpaid but Bale is about to go for a straight 10m?? With the Prem money from next season,i can see Young being a decent investment at the very worst / an integral part of a top-six team at best.You always judge Managers on signings and MON ( with Lord Randolph`s help) has produced Petrov,Carew,Young and that`ll do me for starters.

  • ASPINALL, read what you said again, “massacred the championship”, speaks for itself really don’t it. Rasiak couldn’t score a goal in the premiership even if a keeper wasn’t in it, yet he goes and “massacres the championship”, doing well in the championship doesn’t make a great player and i’m sure that Martin O’Neill wouldn’t go out tomorrow and make a £10 million bid for Rasiak, would he???

  • OAL – Oh my god,i send you a message on one chat topic and i find you on this one!! Why the hell do you spend your time on another clubs website you sad freak !! We`ll see how good he is in time – think we`ll be pleased but not your concern, you have your own worries but you may not have the time to see it as your bothering us !!

  • I’m not saying Young is a crap player, he is actually a good young player with bags of potential, however, what i am saying is that he is simply not worth £10 million.

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