Date: 17th January 2007 at 11:48am
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According to The Sun, Watford will allow 21-year-old Ashley Young leave but only if the £9.65million bid that West Ham put in is matched.

Seems Young doesn’t want a move to West Ham and according to this report has snubbed the Hammers but chairman Graham Simpson says the England under-21 attacking midfielder will be allowed to depart for a similar sum.

Reports suggest that Young would like a move to Spurs but has also been linked to Aston Villa with Martin O’Neill in desperate need of re-inforcements following a spell of 12 games with no wins.

According to the Times Spurs aren’t as hot on the transfer and with other reports suggesting both Wayne Routledge and Calum Davenport, players Martin Jol would have been prepared to use as makeweights in a deal, aren’t willing to move to Watford.

That could leave Aston Villa in the driving seat and again according to the Times, met with the player last week.


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  • This goes to show how vastly overpriced English players are. I would agree with O’Neill that clubs are holding certain over clubs to ransom.

  • so, if we wnt him we are going to have to pay 10mil for him. A record for the club for an unproven 21 yr old. The world’s gone mad I tell ye!!

  • With all the focus on Young I would not surprise me if we did not sign him for the stupid amount of 9.65 million but a player from far far away came in instead, Watford are taking the urine asking for so much money. I know its a sellers market but ………

  • It’s a ridiculous fee. He’s done no better, no worse than our very own Gabby in my opinion. Would we get £10million for Gabby? I very much doubt it. We’d probably get £5 million max and I believe that to be Youngs true value too.

  • 9m – i would rather pay 5.5 for Barton and give him a 3.5m contract. Or maybe Ledley King, robbie keane, bent, govou, carew, SWP the list goes on!

  • no offence to the lad though its not his fault West Ham are throwing their money around like idiots (theres always one). He would be very welcome if we did sign him.

  • Id be happy if we signed him (or anyone old joe for that matter) but we could get at least 2 experienced players for that price. Weve got enough youngsters. But watford are fools, yeah hes good but theyre only letting him go for a way too inflated price, only to shut down a good offer. Just like Bale at Southampton. Two ***** teams, who could sell them for a reasonable price and buy mostly a whole different team. But this young bloke ive never even noticed, but then i dont really bother watching watford games when theyre on, too um… whats the word…*****, yeah thats it…*****

  • If Watford do end up getting 9-10 million for him, it will only be because somebody was prepared to pay it. This is where Villa and O’Neill are between a rock and a hard place. Do they pay over the odds for players like Young and placate those who are panicking about the transfer window, or refuse to pay that sum and risk criticism for not buying anyone? It’s all very well saying ‘go for SWP’ or ‘why not buy RK’, but that can only happen if (a) their club is willing to sell them; (b) the player is willing to come; and (c) if nobody outbids us.

  • He’s at least 200% over-priced and having seen him play earlier this season against us I cannot see what extra quality he would bring when compared with our other young midfielders (ie Gardner and Osbourne). Now SWP at £12mill or even James Milner at £5mill would add quality and give us width and let Gabby play more centrally as a natural two-footed striker.

  • Will be interesting to see if he plays on Saturday. If he doesn’t, I reckon he will be announced as our signing on Monday.

  • He’s not worth 10 mill. SWP is and with with Milner valued at 5 Mill, Young isn’t twice as good. Test Newcasle’s resolve by offering 7 Mill for Milner. I thinks he’s worth it.

  • Have you seen Boothroyd’s “buy to let” proposal for Young? I’ve seen it all now, I still can’t beieve what he’s saidjust now. Apparently he wants a team to pay £10m for young now, then let them have him on loan until the end of the season in their “fight” against relegation. Also have some of the fee upfront and/or players in exchange so they can get some bodies in!!!!!!!

  • He is worth4 mill tarzan said prob play out of his skin on sat.Or on the other hand if we destroy watford he may like the prospect of signing for us.Have a feeling we will be out of the blocks flying after playing the top two teams in recent weeks and being forced to counter anything they did hoprfully we will be able to play our own way against them.

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