Date: 12th September 2018 at 1:04pm
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Wicked Messenger said in our Dull, Dull, Dull forum thread….:

“Whatever’s going on in the football world, the greed league, call it what you will, the city of Birmingham with its massive population should have a team among the elite.

Through a combination of mismanagement and lack of vision, we have been amongst the also-rans for years.

I look forward to the day when Villa Park is once again filled to the rafters and there is some star quality for kids and fans to latch on to.

We are a demoralised crew because we are not at the party, that’s all.”

It’s hard to argue isn’t it?

I have said a few times recently, if you look at us and Tottenham Hotspur around 10 years ago. We were neck and neck (and actually above) in the all-time Premiership league and all-time Football League rankings.


They have a new super stadium built, are in the Champions League and have half a chance of breaking the closed shop rubbish of $ky £ootball’s premiership ‘product.’


We are languishing. The sad thing is, we’ve spent tens of millions (Randy lost over £200million trying and failing as just one example) and are still lost.

Hurts to say it, but we are a great example of how not to do it.

I told the new owners when the FCG met with them, that they have bought a very special club that has been very badly treated. We should be amongst the elite. I’m not sure on the early start of this season, the signs are saying we’ll be back there particularly quickly. A few wins and that could change though.


3 Replies to “Aston Villa – A Great Example Of How Not To Do It”

  • I like Tottenham, they have the right approach to playing the game, so don’t take this completely the wrong way. However, unless you want to uproot Villa Park and put it in Middlesex this was always going to be the case. I’d explain but it would take too long – but as one example watch Football Focus and see how many times the BBC gets outside the South East. Another – Emirates sponsored referees / Emirates FA cup. I could go on. This is not to say Villa have been completely mismanaged.

  • The key for us now, IMHO, is to bring in a progressive/forward thinking manager, who wants to develop the team with a playing strategy that makes strong players want to come to Aston Villa.

    This is about as far away from the antiquated Steve Bruce as you could get.

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