Date: 5th July 2018 at 9:38am
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Written by Northampton Villa who posted in the Steve Round Thread:

Throughout the disastrous meltdown that began with our failure to gain promotion, I have tried to remain optimistic. It has, however, become apparent that the grand old lady that is Aston Villa has been used and abused by Dr X, the incompetent Chinese profiteer. What hurts most is that we, her loving children are being forced to stand by helplessly and watch.

We are now effectively a rudderless ship which has hit the rocks, expecting the captain to save it with a crew that may be forced to walk the plank any minute.

Had he been honest and made his intentions clear at the beginning of this debacle, Xia might have maintained some respect and trust. He must now understand that due to the clubs continued public humiliation and the total lack of communication regarding the surrounding events, his relationship with the people to whom the club really belongs, the fans, is beyond repair.

He cannot, as is apparently his wont, (even with investment secured through share sales) remain in control and expect to waltz back into Villa Park, tweeting away as if nothing has happened. How can he be trusted when he has allowed this humiliation to happen? He clearly never had the finances to maintain ownership under the circumstances which we find ourselves in.

He must accept his losses and sell as soon as possible. My biggest fear is that a buyer cannot be found and administration requires that our assets including property and players are sold. The worst case scenario that I thought could never happen.

Whatever happens, the only certainty is that the incredible support that this club inspires will ensure that the Phoenix will rise from the ashes.

The lesson we are reminded of is that football club owners, even with the best of intentions, are in it for their egos (if wealthy enough) and/or the profit. To be treated with caution and taken with a pinch of salt.

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