Date: 22nd January 2017 at 6:00pm
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Fan reactions to Aston Villa blowing a 2-0 lead v Preston North End.

Excited at half time, deflated at full time. Some of Bruce’s team selections at times leave me baffled. He has his work cut out. New midfielder comes in, teams him with 1 of our worst. Baffling. On another note…whoever keeps voting for Flabby as Motm, stop it!! it’s not big and it’s not clever.

So the January transfer arrived. We had a chance to collect some points. Knowing that Kodjia was busy in afcon. Early recruitment was a priority. We have an owner who had a chance to prove how serious he is about making villa compete in champions league. To sum it up I think we have a delusional owner. His actions this window shows he really ain’t that rich. As there are also no sources on the net about his wealth. My dream scenario was he was the front, and China was backing him. Looks like we will be a very average team for a long time. Even if we get back to premier league, it will be a relegation club. Money talks Dr x. And sadly you don’t have much.
Ali Arab

You just don’t get it do you SkepticaSi it’s Steve Bruce who keeps voting for him.

It wouldn’t surprise me Dave. If he reads the comments about Flabby i post he should know he sends me in to apoplexy every time he picks him. He must do it on purpose to annoy me. Sad state of affairs when a winger gets 2 goals and the so called striker gets nothing but out of breath and looks more useless by the week.

Wait… I thought if we signed Henri ‘the missing piece’ Lansbury we were going to turn into this team of Aston globe trotters and turn over every team in our path to automatic promotion ? ….when will we see that constantly hoping for another signing is not the answer
Big Dubs Header

When I first saw the line up I thought we would get turned over today, however we then played arguably as good as we have all season in the first half. Even at the start of the 2nd half we had 2 very decent chances on the break that would have wrapped the game up. When Grayson changed things around we didn’t respond to it and you could sense a goal was coming. Jedinak was a big miss for us today and it showed in the 2nd half, hope he isn’t injured. Gutted to drop 2 points but on the positive side thought Lansbury looked decent, also seems like a leader on the pitch which we desperately need. Green played well too, hope he can keep his place for the next game. He looks far more threatening than Grealish when he gets on the ball.

First time we’ve been 2 up all season and they still can’t shut the game out. **** marking for their 2nd. And Ross has gone awol. Cracking goal scored by Hourihane tonight for Barnsley, maybe next week will end better than this one.

It won’t matter how many new players we sign with ever present Gabby we will always field 10 men. Selecting Gabby is the most bloody minded thing Steve Bruce has ever done in his career.

Have to agree 100% with you Honest Dave, and with the news on McCormack we need to get another ‘goal scorer’ alongside Kodjia. Hopefully, further transfer activity in and out in the next week will define our season. Two weeks until next game so a chance for new players to bed in, Lansbury hardly had time but appears to done well for his 1st game for a few weeks. WE CAN still make playoffs.

I’m no fan of Gabby and don’t think he is good enough to lead the line, but he was far from our worst player today and certainly not the reason for us dropping the 2 points. I’m far more p’d off with Grealish – a player who has bags more talent than most players in our squad, but continually looks like he isn’t up for the fight and never delivers. I fully understand people laying into Gabby for how he acted last year, but we are now beginning to make him the scapegoat for anything that goes wrong.

Fan reactions to yesterdays game of two halves…

Ross is as bad as Gabby by the sounds of it! What is it with these unfit, over weight, over paid *****s acting like pansies and continuously disrespecting the shirt??!! Give youth a go over those 2.

So we have an unfit, unreliable, disruptive, attitude-ridden McCormack?? So why t f did SB pick him to start at Wolves last week??? Agree with virtually everything that has been said, especially about the owner. Shopping at Aldi ain’t going to make us the ‘best team on the planet’…….Beginning to get that sinking feeling in the pit of the Gut…..methinks Malcolm X may have been a more reliable option……..(ask yer history teacher)
Gut Prat & Ugly

Not sure why Gabby is getting slated. Commentary of Morley and Franksy said was his best game in years (they’ve been scathing of him in the past) and looks like Bruce wasn’t given much choice to pick him seeing as RMC has had to be disciplined, RHM won’t sign his contract and JK & JA are at AFCON… What option did he have? Davis? The first goal was basically Gabby’s anyway. It didn’t need Albert A’s touch, it was going in anyway.
Adam Deuce

McCormack is a disgrace wants to try working in a factory for 20 grand a yr never mind 40 grand a wk .thought gabby played well at least he’s trying instead of moaning about a gate think Bruce will get it Wright in the end but it won’t be this season I’m afraid
cradley villa
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quite why we can only ever play 45 mins remains a mystery to me. They should get half their wages and donate the rest to little Charlie
The Fear

Just watched the goals.

1. 50 50. If he had blew up, there wouldnt be much protest, but in reality, goalie just hesitated so probably correct decision

2. Never a pen.

3. Everyone at fault but , although you can`t see it on tv, Grealish was disgraceful. On edge of their area, sulked, let their guy take the ball, and then stood there moaning. Not even in our half when goal went in

4. Worked it out, its exactly what i said the other week. We concede so many free headers coz Baker is drawn to the ball. Yesterday. Lansbury first man, went over not his fault. Hutton marking guy near post, baker marking man in middle (scorer) Chester man far post. Hutton then wanders forward and instead of Baker bellowing him to get back and keep line, Baker goes to near post, man in middle is now unmarked and nods it in.

Now, I reckon that is AT LEAST 8 goals concede from exact same scenario and umpteen free headers missed.

Baker has improved drastically but he has to learn quick to organise and be disciplined, if not, he needs replacing because that must be 15-20 points he has cost us


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