Date: 21st June 2018 at 12:49pm
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It’s not big and nor is it clever, but I must admit I chuckled when I saw the reaction to Aston Villa’s update of our ongoing pitch work this summer.

With Villa stretching the relaying of the playing surface months past its shelf life last season for some (at least back then) inexplicable reason, we all saw that lack of foresight bite us with a deteriorating field of play as 2017/18 fixtures ticked by.

This summer the whole thing has been ripped up and we are starting again with newfangled technology and a bunch of science that applies to what I call ‘that thing you cut every other week’.

With the club citing ‘excellent progress’ with the new pitch installation, the details for anyone interested.

7,000 tonnes of existing materials from the pitch have been removed and we have installed a new drainage and irrigation system – including eight sensor sprinklers. A new undersoil heating system has been put in and pressure tested and that included 19 miles of water pipes.

With that work done, 4,500 tonnes of material has now been readded as work continues and the figure is lower owing to a new camber to improve sight lines. The next step will be the Desso machines as they fibre-stitch ‘the grass’ together ready for the year ahead.

Despite the care and attention that has gone into the work, fans are in a devious mood for obvious reasons.

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