Date: 15th January 2017 at 12:27pm
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Angry reactions to our 1-0 loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers yesterday. As I said in my article, Villa Players Once Again Shame This Great Club & Fans

Just some of the reactions on Vital:

20 minutes of nearly acceptable football. Not enough. Sold Gestede, Kept Flabby. Takes Tshibola off, who at least passes it forward and works well with Amavi. My liking for Bruce has left the building. Once a bluenose, always a bluenose.

Keep playing them two up front Mr Bruce and see how far it gets you. Anybody thinks were good enough to get in the top six ,must be on drugs. Lambert wanted that so bad.
AV Dave

This loss is 100% Dr X fault. It’s mid January and all we got is a loan goal keeper. If he was serious about promotion this year, we would have done all our dealings by now. We lost Kodjia meaning we don’t have a striker who scores. Was obvious when he left for Africa we should of had Rhodes or Hernandez in. Dr talks a big game. In my view if you talk big your actions should be about spending. Chelsea and Man City are up at the top cause there owners talk on the pitch and not twitter. If he got problems spending on the championship, how exactly he going to bring champions league??? We in the championship for at least another year. Fact now sadly.
Ali Arab

0 shots on target. Says it all. We just aren’t dangerous, we don’t build any pressure, we don’t score enough goals. We go 1 down and that’s it for me, game over – a draw at best. Although we have picked up some points under Bruce, most of those a little lucky and goals in last few mins. When was the last time we dominated a game? We just don’t have a midfield that can own the game and create chances. 10 points off play offs, can’t see it happening unless some big transfer activity. To be fair though need to give Bruce time to build his own team.

Absolute rubbish. No passing threat and no presence in midfield. Depressing stuff.

Hopefully we can get the deals for Lansbury & Hourihane done before the next game. Although our attack looks weak we don’t really create much for them. Its going to be tough to make the play offs but its stupid to give up – 7 points to make up in 20 games, its still possible if we can strengthen soon.

Absolute rubbish this club has become a joke I’ve no confidence in Bruce and after 40 years I think this is my last season I’ve had enough
cradley villa

Anybody think Gabby is worth his place… seriously we not only need new midfielders but also forwards… we sell Gestede who had scored and now have Gabby up front …. think his stats are Zero assists and Zero goals and haven’t checked but probably Zero in the shots on target and yet he keeps on getting picked to lead our attack … Sort it out Dr X

PATHETIC!!!!! FFS buy a decent striker. Not one ounce of passion out there today. Grealish needs to put advertisements on the bottom of his boots, cos he spends more time on the floor than on his feet. and as for McCormack & Agbonlahor not one shot between them. Just PATHETIC.

Gents stop it Steve Bruce will get this right in time believe me . Firstly I agree flabby is ** but we will get players in dr tony. Will deliver funds . We won’t get promotion this season rim saw to that . Buying crap players and waitsting money hand over fist . I know your angry an so am I but back Steve he will get us there oh and drop the bluenose lark grow up please
mark woodall

{Agree Bruce needs time but didn`t see any anti Bruce posts above to be fair?}

Lambert said Wolves were excellent, wrong, Villa were crap. There has been zero improvement in the past 2 months, the only thing that has changed is our luck, oh and Colin Calderwood!. When I saw the wittering jock on the sidelines I had those awful memories of how bad we were. Deja vu! I wonder what our game plan was. Did we have one? Did the players know it? Were the players capable? Amavi – take the money. Elphick – one footed and runs like he has only one leg. Tshibola – not interested. Grealish – can’t see what all the hype is about, he struts around as though he owns the place! McCormack – what does he give us? He doesn’t get past people nor can he deliver at set pieces. Oh yes, doesn’t score either. Gabby – no comment. For me Hutton was as good as anyone, think that says it all. We need new blood quickly. Now 10 points off the top 6 which is a mountain to climb, any further slippage will make it impossible. Its becoming embarrassing again.

First and foremost RIP the manager Graham Taylor. The man who pulled this club out of the 2nd Division. Signed God, Platt, Rambo, Yorke and probably more than I can remember. Happy days. I don’t think we are going to get a weekend like we did in 88 at Swindon 0-0 and promoted. Oh the joy!!! Well that’s where the joy ends. It’s safe to say we are in this division again next season. What is Aston Villa FC now? What are we about? There’s no style? System? Or identity. We are 10 points off the playoffs. Are the players we want going to come? Are we that attractive? What about Bruce? Dinosaur? Yeah I think so, not a progressive appointment. Will he be here next season considering he’s on a one year rolling contract. Personally and if I was in the DRs shoes. Any good deals to be had get them but as for Bruce let’s be honest the performances have been crap in general since he’s been manager and he’s been lucky with the wins we’ve got. I’m an upset Villan but on the whole do I mind the championship? No. I just want to watch Villa play and win. Promotion has gone. Blood the promising young ones and set the foundations. We will rise again. UTV

Lambert has achieved a tremendous turn around in the last couple of games so all credit to him but this was entirely due to how pretty poor Villa were.

Does anyone really think after five or six years of total rubbish that we were likely to even reach the playoffs? We were told by the new management and admin team that it would take at least five years to return to our former glory, not five months. Just because we are Aston Villa doesn’t give us the right to be in the Prem. It might not be Mr Bruce who takes us there. We will see. Patience is the word here. We are very poor at the moment, but we will get better. Give it time.

Whoever thinks throwing more players at this problem doesn’t understand football. Player for player we have a much better starting line up than Wolves. Even without Kodjia and Ayew we still have £12m striker, Adomah, Grealish, Amavi … all players who would walk into the wolves team Difference was Wolves played with passion and belief. When was the last time you saw villa play with passion and belief. There is no confidence we are the best team when we line up against other teams, it shows in how we play. We don’t express ourselves and apply pressure. Buy more players and feed them into this approach and mindset and be ready for more and more frustration
Big Dubs Header

Hmm I’m a bit perplexed. Didn’t we have the best striker in the league (According to SB) starting up front? You know, the only guy (according to SB) who plays with passion. The one who should of played from the start against Cardiff because he would of shown the others what it means to never give up. Pffff……… I know he is not the only problem at the club, but SB should of listened to Andy Gray talking about Graham Taylor. When GT came to the club, AG was 31 and GT called him to office and said he had to let him go. When a perplexed AG asked why, he said(or something close) ‘unfortunately you are too strong a character to have around the change room and if results are not going my way, I’m concerned you will undermine my authority’ Take note SB. Graham kicks out the trouble makers. You put them on a pedestal and treat us like fools
marlin magic

100% agree Marlin Magic, I heard Andy Gray say that, its almost a year since he scored and probably the same since he had a shot on goal, doesn’t look like scoring so why play a forward that’s not going to win us games, isn’t that what forward players do? know its a team effort and ditto for other forwards and the midfield that never scores…. when then get a goal against us and we have no chance of getting anything out the game. I know McCormack had a chance but that was about the only one, do that about 10 or 15 times throughout a game and there’s a good chance one might go in, we just don’t create enough for our forwards/midfielders to score and unless Kodjia plays and often creates something from nothing we don’t appear to have much of a clue …. Over to you SB and Dr X… There is still time but it’s running out rapidly.

Wolves had a simple game plan – keep pumping it out to the right (villa’s left) and expose Amavi, who has now been awful for four games in a row. Having two right-footed centre-backs and no other naturally left-sided players in the entire squad compounded the problem. People are fooled by Amavi because he makes one or two decent forward runs per game. We can’t keep clean sheets. Look back at all the goals we’ve conceded recently – most come from our left.

I agree with everything being said on here although I think we need to stay calm. I thought we were going to get relegated again 2 months ago, now we are all upset because we don’t look like we are going to go up. A lot of our points have come through luck and of course we need that. In the same breath, our one good performance has been against Brighton. We don’t boss games at all, it’s not in our psyche at all. Stay calm though, it takes a while to steady a ship as big as Villa and this league is even tougher than I expected. Positives: Chester was good, fans were loud and made a presence, we are still unbeaten at home! I stick with my pre-season prediction- 10th place.

‘we are still unbeaten at home’! Next up PNE, who just beat Brighton & have two of a young players for next to nothing scoring for fun! I think I will give next Saturday a miss as it’s bad enough hearing them lose on talk*****e without paying to see them lose.

Resurrect the Amavi deal, sell McCormack, Ayew, and, yes, Grealish for big money to build a war chest for next season. Have Flabby surgically removed and get what we can for a bagful of the rest because, as I write, we are halfway through January and we haven’t spent a ha’penny. Forgive me for wondering if the good Doctor hasn’t only spent the money the club already had access to (TV, parachute, season tickets)……..Sorry, Mondeo singers.
Gut Prat & Ugly

Agree with Mark Woodhall on the first page of comments. Bruce needs time to bring his own players in and get rid of some of these current chancers. Also that Bruce needs to give up on project Gabby and admit he’s a spent force.
The Fear

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