Date: 10th January 2013 at 10:36am
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heavy d says:

I thought this in August so this is not being smart after the fact.

Lambert spent Premiership transfer money (not wages, but fees) to ultimately assemble a squad of lower Championship quality. Many believe this approach was dictated to him by Lerner but it was obvious the money could have been spent more wisely. How much was spent on Lowton and Bennett? According to reports this varies between £6.5-8million. The view being to sell players for a profit and remain in the black. Benteke aside, would we get the money we paid back for any of these signings let alone make a profit? A

Any chance the so called ‘prospects’ in our team have had their confidence smashed out of them by these thrashings?

Where do they turn to for support? Experienced calm heads? We don’t have any and this needs to be addressed.

To the manager Paul Lambert? The man with the ‘we’ll be fine’ mantra he repeats add nauseum without saying why he thinks that or how to address the problem. Apparently scratching your head and saying ‘Errrrr, We’ll be fine. The future looks good’ is worth about 40k a week and inspires players.

Lambert may have won a Champions League at Dortmund but that team HAD experience in it. Matthias Sammer, Andreas Moller, Karl Heinz Riedle, Jurgen Kohler. All EXPERIENCED German Internationals. Lambert himself was 26/27, his career having already been running for 10 years. They also had Ottmar Hitzfeld as Manager. A tactical astute, adaptable and capable manager

Lets re-cap the last few fixtures shall we, including Liverpool. Liverpool (A) 1-3 Chelsea (A) 8-0 Spurs (H) 4-0 Wigan (H) 0-3 Swansea (A) 2-2 Ipswich (H) 2-1 Bradford (A) 3-1 – Humiliated on a national scale by LEAGUE TWO Bradford.

Possession given away cheaply, 3 goals which were all preventable, and resorted to hoof ball tactics for the last half an hour as the entire team ran out of ideas Can anyone say we have deserved anything better from these games given the level of performance we have put in, or the quality of play? I would say we have got more than we deserved as both Liverpool and Swansea would have taken us to the cleaners on any other day and, but for two ‘worldy’ saves from Given we would have been beaten by Ipswich Lamberts style appears to be:

1)pick random XI

2)close eyes,cross fingers

3)bury head in sand to stop you from seeing the obvious deficiencies within the side

4)attend post match press conference – ‘we’ll be fine, the futures good. Honest bunch of players, real endeavour. Have faith, we don’t need experience’

There has been no improvement – we have actually got worse as the season has gone on – and the same mistakes are repeated over and over again. Will he carry the can or will he admit he has signed a lot of duds that have been added to the dross left following the fire sale of the last few years. This so called cost saving approach will end up costing us £10s of millions of pounds. Record Kit and Sponsorship deals negotiated by Faulkner (His only achievement to date while the playing side withers and dies) will surely have clauses reducing the money if we are not in the Premiership.

Record TV money next year? We will miss out on that so all the other teams will forge ahead while we go through further transition

‘Transition (noun)- the word people use when they don’t know what they are doing to try to hide that fact, and to explain poor performance’

An absentee landlord approach of giving the clubs money to people who haven’t a clue, watching it get wasted from afar, then spending more money to get rid of these same people you appointed has put us in record debt and WILL get us relegated. In terms you might understand, as you sure don’t understand football. Would you try and win the Superbowl with a team straight out of the collegiate system? No. The Venky’s get dogs abuse for running their club from India and appointing ‘yes’ men. Should Lerner escape just because he is in America ?