Date: 14th June 2018 at 2:17pm
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Right back, well often left back, Alan Hutton has this afternoon signed a one-year extension at Aston Villa keeping him with us for the coming Championship campaign of 2018/19.

With manager Steve Bruce saying he’d earned and would be offered a new deal with his contract expiring this summer, our financial issues seemed to get in the way of that as we put a few things on hold – including his meeting apparently – as we placed our focus on putting out a few fires.

With constant links to Nottingham Forest in recent days, and the dopey Released List submitted to the EFL, Hutton himself took to social media to point out he hadn’t actually left yet.

Since joining from Tottenham Hotspur back in 2011 he’s almost racked up 170 appearances for us in that time and one thing you can rarely fault is his effort so this is richly deserved for his own efforts last season as we fell narrowly short of our self-stated aim to return to the Premier League.

As others pointed out, I think we can safely assume this means that Steve Bruce remains in place for the coming year as well as we look to go one better despite our other issues. Hopefully, it’s also a sign those other issues are back under control.

Further credit to Hutton, it’s also being suggested he took a significant pay cut to help get the deal over the line given how he and his family are settled in the area. Extremely good touch if true and I have no reason to doubt it, as clearly he wanted to stay. Hit interview points that out.

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7 Replies to “Aston Villa Fullback Gets His Extension – Can The Press Shut Up About Nottingham Forest Now Please”

  • A chink of light from the darkness,perhaps my faith in the rosary is working for Av,hope eternal

  • Well Hutton has gone right up in my estimations. So refreshing to see a player that isn’t just chasing the money. Sorts our LB issue for next season as well.

  • There are a few things the current drama has taught me
    First off we really dont know what is happening at our club and maybe thats the way it should be It is a business after all and as someone who banks with Barclays I cant walk in and demand this or that from them The would tell me where to shove it
    Secondly more than ever I’m convinced that the press make stuff up much like that American comedy whose line it is anyway and depending how bad the day has been news wise the bigger the story they make up take note HITC Football League world and a good few others
    Thirdly Nothing is as bad as it seems I think both the debt situation and the FFP issues are blown right out of proportion and we will find that everything will settle and this will all be hot air
    Just my 2P worth

  • Not really blown out of proportion in my humble, it is major news when you can’t pay your tax and when a CEO has to be suspended.

    And on Hutton, The Scottish Cafu says that the Villa fans played a part in his decision.  Nice to hear.  I guess he brings experience and can cover several positions.  Seems strange what we’ve been reduced to celebrating these days though really doesn’t it?

    • In terms of providing clarity that a winding up order isn’t I’ve soiled the bed – maybe not clear (wouldn’t be the first time). Real worries and concerns yes, but not the concerns some were promoting.

  • Good news for a change #scottishcafu
    You’ve got to love this guy.
    If we have 10 more with his attitude we will be fine next season. UTV.

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