Date: 28th March 2007 at 12:24pm
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Villa have announced ‘We’re going Back To The Future at Villa Park’ as they have rolled back season ticket prices to the 2005/06 prices.

This means a reduction of 5% which is good judging by we are amongst the lowest three charges in the Premiership already. Nice to see the loyalty us season ticket holders have shown is now being rewarded.

The club have also introduced a new discount structure for students AND members of the armed forces.

The club have stated: ‘Next season’s tariff is the first since the club was taken over and confirms the intentions of the new administration to connect firmly with its support-base.’ and Chief Executive Richard FitzGerald said:

‘Everyone associated with the club has been rightly proud of the value for money offered by an Aston Villa season or match ticket on a year-to-year basis and it was important to retain that reputation. There has been a great deal of discussion recently about the cost of watching top level football but the overall improvement of one of the most robust pricing structures around re-affirms this club’s understanding of the current social climate.’

‘The Football Supporters’ Federation launched a campaign highlighting the cost of watching soccer but the campaign hasn’t highlighted clubs which offer value for money. At Aston Villa we feel we do exactly that and our 06/07 headline Season Ticket price is the cheapest in this region despite us currently being the only Premiership club. As well as basic pricing, match grading has been retained to support a structure that means the cost of a ticket is relative to the quality of the opposition or importance of a fixture and the new 10% discount offered to students and members of the armed forces for season tickets anywhere in the stadium makes us even more keenly priced for next season.’

Season tickets go on sale from 16th April and are set to offer more benefits than before I believe.

Well done to the new boys for listening to the fans and for rewarding their loyalty, fans in general but more especially the season ticket holders are the life-blood and having spent out money on some very ‘average’ seasons, it is nice to know as the club pushes forward the fans are now as big a focus as anything else at the club once again.

Reports that my heated, cushioned seat, with drinks dispenser and pop up umbrella will be ready for the new season are yet to be confirmed.


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  • While there wont be too many clubs introducing a price hike for next season, there will be even fewer reducing their prices. Well done AVFC.

  • Great news – again good to see the North Stand Family area to be affordable for those with children too! Hopefully not too long until we see the ‘Sold Out’ sign outside the VP ticket office on a weekly basis!

  • I think we have missed an opportunity to take a real lead on the issue of admission prices. However it is good to see that season ticket prices have reduced but matchday prices have remained static. This at least shows that season ticket holders are deemed more important than occasional supporters and we now get increased value for money. The proof will be in the number of season tickets sold and attendances on a match by match basis. I do not think we have given enough encouragement to convert non season ticket holders. I also believe that we have missed an opportunity to really maximise revenue from so called fans, who only turn up once or twice a season. I would definitely have charged £50 for at least the Manure and Redscouse games. But I would have also allowed fans buying these tickets to choose one of the less attractive games for a tenner. By doing that we are encouraging bigger gates at the lesser games and only the people coming once or twice a season would finish up paying more.

  • Although any reduction in prices is welcome I think Villa should have really thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the Premiership and cut season ticket prices by at least 20%. Fans are fed up with paying to watch overpaid footballers under perform and show little interest on and off the pitch. VP has not been full on a regular basis for years and not filling these seats week in week out is not just lost revenue through the turnstiles it also means less match day revenue on merchandise and refreshments but more importantly fans finding other things to do on a match day which they can afford and enjoy more, ultimately losing them altogether. With the revenue of premiership clubs next year reported to be in the region of £50m each the disgruntled fans are still expected to pay a heavy price to continue to watch the dross that was served up to them this year. I think this is the first negative news from VP since the takeover and one that will hit most the fans already struggling to balance up paying hefty ticket prices against the enjoyment it gives them.

  • Well worded Hoss. The most important thing in my opinion was for the club to find the level that would have guaranteed at least 35,000 season ticket holders. Match day prices could have remained the same, with the most attractive games incurring an extra premium unless paired with a less attractive fixture. When we have fans being locked out of VP every game, we can then look at gradually increasing the prices.

  • When websites call the reduction of prices a, “slashing of prices” I was expecting something radical – like 25% not 5%!
    The Villa are now talking like Ellis saying that we are one of the cheapest clubs in the Premier League, that’s all very well, but you have to compare it with other activities. If I were to spend the same amount, I could take the family down to Star City for the day, not 1.5 hours down the Villa. That’s the true comparison, especially when they’ll get £30M minimum next year.
    I’m certainly dissapointed, my stay away mates will continue to stay away!
    I’m sorry, but they have missed an opportunity to be radical and be a pathfinder for other clubs to follow!

  • I understand the point bh83 but what a crap comparison. I would rather lick the bottom of a bird cage than spend any time or money in Star City. You are also assuming that football is all about the 90 minutes. It’s not. If you have kids you can get them to the ground early for autographs and photos. You can get them in the ground early for them to have look around. Even if you don’t do that you take them for something to eat either before or after. It is not all about the 90 minutes. My match day generally starts the moment the last match finished. I love the build up in the preceeding days, the anticipation and rumours about what is happening. On matchdays the whole day is special. Breakfast watching Soccer AM, the visit to the pub and then the stroll up to the Holte End. If you don’t go to the games you do not get any of that. My season ticket next season will work out at £22 per game. If I spend £18 on food, beer and transport this means each game costing £40. Not bad value for two weeks excitement, anticipation, a game of football and a few beers with my pals. So what if the game is crap? Moaning in the pub afterwards actually adds to the day out. Tell me that you can look forward to a trip to Star City in the same way!!! £40 will get you a game of 10 pin bowling, a movie and some cardboard tasting Pizza at some tacky franchise. If that is what you would rather do with you hard earned that is your choice. I do agree though that we should have been radical and really taken a lead on pricing. I still believe the £200 season ticket was the way forward. So next season whilst you are shouting ‘strike’ and seeing what score you can get at the bowling alley, I will be shouting ‘goal’ as Carew puts Villa another step nearer the Champions League. You make me so jealous knowing that you are at that world famous entertainment centre ‘Star City’ whilst I am in full voice at the top of the Holte. God I wish I was you or one of your exciting mates.

  • No, sorry utv-sotc, your missing my point!
    I will not be going to Star City, I was using that as an example.
    There are are other attractions now of which Star City is one. There are plenty of people that do, just check the fall out of supporters. Ask them why they won’t go down anymore? Yes, I know there will always be a natural fall off, allowing for that, what do they spend their money on?
    I have been a season ticket holder for over 30 years and until last year that was never in doubt (I still bought one though!) whilst my “exciting mates” didn’t and they saved a lot of money. But I digress, football IS expensive. Look at the price structure in Germany – £10 to £15 a seat, they get 40,000 in the 2nd Division! If we want to have supporters here in the next 10-20 years we have to attract them when they are young, I don’t think the new Season Ticket prices are going to do that. Take a look around where you sit and see how many kids are there. I bet you’ll find a majority of middle aged men – not unlike me!
    I’d like to see us having 40,000 Season Ticket holders with plenty of kids, yes, it’s a dream – sometimes dreams come true (1982!)

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