Date: 31st January 2018 at 5:55pm
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The transfer window is mystifying isn`t it?! All month and yet most clubs wait for the final hours!

Looks we might be bagging a proven goalscorer after-all. Competition for Hogan or can we go with Bruce’s favoured 442.

Sky Sports News understands:

Looks like one hell of a signing if this is true.

He scored 12 goals in 18 (another report says 20 and wiki says 19…!) championship starts this season, for a poor team as well. What could he do for us?

The Fear says:

Yes please!

  • Grab a granny? Or have I read it that wrong? Looking at Wikipedia, it seems that he has played for several ‘unfashionable’ clubs but has generally scored around 1 in 3. I guess he is not quite good enough of the PL but is OK at championship level – maybe

  • brings experience,,, and gives us options,,,,

    we still need to get more balls through the middle and not just down the flanks,,,

    and not a big name so hopefully wont spit his dummy out if dropped or sub

  • good signing IMO… But definite NO to 442… It would negate the fantastic influence that Jack Grealish is having on games. You cannot play Jack as one of a central 2.. He would have to go out wide.. The system 4231 is bringing the best out of our best

  • krfeski is spot on, if we go 442 then Jack needs to drop out or switch to the wing. He’s far better playing behind the striker. If he played as a central 2 we would be over run in midfield every week. Grabban will be a perfect fit for the way we are curre

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