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Aston Villa Memory Lane

Aston Villa News and Record
Aston Villa v Bristol City
Saturday 21st February 1970 Football League Division 2
Season 1969-70

Programme cost One Shilling (5p)

Villa line up.

John Dunn
Michael Wright
Charlie Atkin
Barrie Hole
George Curtis
Brian Tiler
Brian Godfrey
Lew Chatterley
Andy Lockhead
Bruce Rioch
Willie Anderson.

Villa Manager Vic Crowe

Villa sit on the bottom of Division 2

Played 29
Won 4
Drawn 11
Lost 14
GF 25
GA 46

Not good reading for the Villa Faithful in 1970 but interestingly Villa were still top of the league when it came to support, even with this poor form Villa averaged a home gate of 27,916. This was far more than most of the teams in the Division 1 above them.

Inside Article: Top gates at Old Trafford.

How many fans must go through the turnstiles to enable a club to pay its way?

An Interesting question-with answers ranging from 5000 for a fourth Division side to 37,000 at Elland Road, the home of the Champions Leeds United. Leeds said recently their running costs amount to £7000 a week despite their pace making position in the league it’s their only Income.

In the Second Division, we are pleased to record that our average attendance of 27,916 makes us the best supported club in the Midlands, keeping us ahead of Blues and Leicester. Villas record attendance for this season was a whooping 54,470 against the Blues on October 18th (Villa 0 – 0 Blues)

Villa scored another 22 league goals this season and despite their efforts were relegated at the end of the season to Division Three of the Football League.

Why pick this programme? It was the debut of a certain Andy Lockhead who featured in the “Player Profile”


Andy Lockhead, our new centre forward signed from Leicester City on Thursday last week, has proved himself one of the most reliable goal-scores in the business since springing to a regular league place with Burnley in 1962.

This quiet spoken Scot from Glasgow scored over 100 goals in his career with the Lancashire clubs, winning one Scottish U23 cap in the process. He also gained experience of European competition and as a well travelled, well proven marksman, he commanded a £80,000 fee when moving to Leicester City in 1968.

Andy always a first division player since he joined Burnley as a 16 year old prospect, he tasted a long and unsuccessful relegation fight with the Filbert Street Club.

Andy Lockhead is a marksman who on two separate occasions has scored five goals in a game, against Chelsea and also against Bournemouth in the Cup.

Let’s hope he can manage a few for Villa.

Adverts in the Villa “News and Record”

Crowther and Brown Vauxhall, Lozells Road
Prices for a Viva HA were £528 (Basic model) and £566 (De Luxe).

Harry Parks “The Leading Midlands Sports Outfitters”

Official Suppliers to Aston Villa. Football boots by Adidas, puma, Mitre and
George Best!!

Dormston Meat Pies available at the ground and the pubs and clubs throughout the Midlands. (can’t remember these at all)

Advert: “Have you seen Villas NEW Souvenir Shop

Rosettes 2/6d & 7/6d
Aston Villa Scarves (University Style) 15/-
Available in Claret and Blue and Yellow and Blue

Colour Photographs all players 2/-6d
Children’s T-Shirts 7/6+9d p&p
Programmes All Aston Villa Home Programmes 1/- +6d p&p

Worth noting the shop was open match days but closed from 3pm to 4.30pm -6pm
To allow the staff to watch most of the game?

Ansells, Bittermen. You can’t beat’em So join’em.

Villa lost the game to Bristol City 0-2 with the home crowd of 26,830 going home disappointed.

Top of the Music Charts was
Love Grows where my Rosemary Goe’s by Eddison Lighthouse

1970: Soviet probe collects moon rock
The Russian space probe, Luna 16, has landed on the Moon to collect samples from its surface. It is the first time an unmanned probe has been used to bring objects back to Earth from space. The probe landed at the Sea of Fertility, a region which has not yet been explored. It is collecting samples of rock and dust using an electric drill at the end of a mechanical extendable arm to cut small cores from just under the topsoil. In addition to the drills, the probe is equipped with a television camera.

By Col 8


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  • If memory serves me well I was at that game. The score was 0-0 if its the game I am thinking of, which sounds pretty boring but it was anything but. Villa pummelled ’em for 90 minutes and just couldn’t get the ball in the net.

  • Ah, I just saw the bit where it says Villa lost 0-2 oops, sorry about that, seems memory didn’t serve me so well after all 🙂

  • Me dad used to manage an Ansells pub, the Prince Arthur in Small Heath, about 100 yds from the sty!! I used to walk into town, get the Villa Park special bus from corporation Street (3d), go to the match (2/6d) and home again. A grand total of 3s & 2d or 4s & 2d if I could afford a programme….those were the days!!

  • Deano I have and will get around to another one in a few weeks, Villas first foray into Europe, Sheff Wed away? 12,000 Villa Supporters in the away end lol Memories are made of this.

  • Great article Col8. That was the year I started going to every home game aged 12. Used to walk from my Nan’s house in Nechells (about 30 mins – would you let your 12 year old do that today!) and meet my mate and his Dad outside the Holte pub. His Dad would get us in and then leave us for the duration of the match. Great days.

    My favourite player at that time was George Curtis – entirely down to the ferocity of his tackling! Andy Lockhead was a great old centre forward – remember him nodding one in straight from a Jimmy Coombes drop kick. One area to the other and bang in the net!
    My least favourite was Willie Anderson because he always seemed to end up on his backside when trying to cross the ball! An amazing run followed by a complete shambles is how I remember it. Could be my age!

  • Cheshire Villan: Don’t let my sister hear you say that about Willie Anderson, she used to drool over him…I know what ya mean tho 🙂

  • His name is Willie Anderson, the leader of the team,
    The greatest left winger that the world has ever seen,
    The boys up the Holte End are harder than the Kop,
    If anyone wants to argue, We’ll smash the – lot.

    All Holte Enders of the day will remember that one!
    Cant believe I actually used to join in vociferously.

    Good article Col.

  • I was six and it was my first season. My old man used to take me in the Witton Lane stand. He swopped over a couple of years later to start going in the Trinity before eventually transfering to the Holte when I was about 14. Great article though col8. Does any one remember the game when Ron Saunders had his photo in programme (I think it was the main centre spread photo). The Holte End held up the photo and started singing ..Saunders, Saunders, Saunders. It seemed to go on for ages. I think it was half time and it may have been the 5 – 1 Liverpool game??

  • and try telling all that to the youngsters nowadays and they wouldn’t believe ya, great article Col8 enjoyed, now what was that about adolph???

  • The 5-1 Liverpool game. I was in the army and got home ( to the ma-in-laws) on leave that day. Was trying to get in touch with my bro-in-law who I always used to go down the Villa with and couldn’t get hold of him. I phoned my Dad to see if he knew where he was and he said we have been trying to get hold of you, we have got tickets for the match. Went down with dad si and bro-in-law (lower trinity). What a game, 5-1 at half time, and Villa were 5-0 up before Ray Kennedy got one back for them. I missed his goal too, was getting a cup iof bovril for me dad at the time. Great, great memories!!

  • Sunderland 1975 – needed the win for promotion to Division 1, and we got it (1-0, or 2-0, I think?). Place was packed with people up the floodlights watching the game and the police waiting for them to come down at the end. Aaaah, it’s all come flooding back!

  • We won 2-0 for some strange I ended up down the Witton End, had to keep my shirt covered up by my jacket.. I also remember leaving 5 mins before the end. Not been able to jump up and down when Villa scored was tough as hell.

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