Aston Villa New Kit 2018 and 2019

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In preparation for the 2018 and 2019 campaign, Aston Villa adds an interesting change to their kits, which are now manufactured by Fanatics who has become a leader in the world of sport garments for professionals.

The recent reveal each is the team proudly showing off the new team strikes, featuring 12 stripes with traditional colors and collars and cuffs with another 12 stripes each. The stripes and overall design relate back to the founding members of the club way back in 1874, making it the perfect kit for home games.

The away kit might represent a more modern look, but it carries the same references to the 12 founding members, once again on the collar and cuffs.

The new kits are introduced with a new 3-way partnership, including Fanatics and LUKE 1977. The front of the new kit proudly features one of the biggest sponsors, being non-other than 32 Red.

The cheap commercial officer, Luke Organ adds that they are exceptionally proud of the new partnership that’s had a lot to do with the new kits and the end result thereof. He also added that the new 3-way partnership is bound to an innovative shift within the world of sports. They are also excited about the new kits being desired with the fans in mind.

The fact that the new kits represent the club history is yet another aspect that will grab the attention of just about every fan out there. The 3-way partnership certainly introduces a unique design for the team, not only for the home kits but away games as well.

Creative director of LUKE 1977, Luke Roper added that the new kits is a huge privilege for him as well. He has been a sponsor of the team since he was a boy and having the honor of working with the team’s new kits as been a proud moment. He ended with a statement to tell everyone the team is now ready for the season ahead as we all understand the history of the Aston Villa football club.

Business development director of Fanatics, Danny Downs also added a few words with the new kit, telling people they are called Fanatics is because the fans are at the heart of the things they do. They are also proud to be part of this new 3-way partnership that aims to put the supports first.

The role of Fanatics was to come up with the brief that features the high notes of the club and how the new kit designs should reflect it. Upon completion, the design team had the privilege to work alongside the Luke 1977 team, now presenting the world with the latest kit for the Aston Villa football club.

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