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And here we go again.

What I know about the current takeover talk:

An early reaction:

Yup, as always, I have my ear to the ground! To be fair, this wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Tony Xia bought the club for a good price, at a low point and no doubt took advice and thought he could get Aston Villa straight back up, or up within two seasons to the land of milk and honey (that’s the Premier League in case you were wondering, where they play £ootball !). He’d then have either thought there was some good money to be made being in the Premiership with the ever increasingly lucrative (and ridiculous) TV deals OR that he’d be able to sell us on at a good profit.

I know some worship the fella because he tweets (communication is important and one of the major failings of the previous owner, which is a shame because if he had communicated properly, perceptions might well have been slightly different. I digress……….) but for me and many I’ve spoken to, it is a watching brief. Only history tells you if an owner is ‘for real’, good, bad or indifferent.

There is an ongoing discussion about our owner in the Tony Xia forum thread

Oh, I guess I’d best link to the actual rumour. Sunsports understands current Villa owner Dr Tony Xia is ready to sell after failing to win Premier League promotion. I thought it was Sky Sports who understand things, now I’m confused! I’ll try it. Vital Villa and especially The Fear understands…… err, well. Nothing really in modern $ootball, I’m just along for the claret and blue ride.

You can read the report yourself, if you aren’t keen on clicking onto The Sun, then basically it says fitness entrepreneur and former football agent Matt Southall is heading up a consortium that includes ex-Blackburn director of football and operations, Paul Senior. They pontificate that Xia would accept around and about what he paid for the club… £60m.

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8 Replies to “Aston Villa Owner Looking To Bail? What Vital Villa Knows About The Takeover Talk… (It’s Next To Nowt)”

  • Hopefully just a nonsense non-story made up to satisfy the voracious appetite of the masses for instant and sensational news…
    Most of the football industry are on holiday at the moment, so World Cup stories aside there is very little to report on. Therefore whilst the Dr./The Club will need to publicly dismiss this rumour in order to quell the rising panic, I for one will not believe a word of it until there is any actual proof or genuine quote to back up this story…..

  • It’s all lazy press talk for me ti fill the column inches and get the clicks. I’m sure Wyness said they were prepared for all eventualities this season, and I have no reason to doubt that. The only thing we do know is that John Terry has left and the loanees have returned to their parent clubs, unlikely to return. I honestly don’t think there is anything in this talk of Dr Xia selling up.

  • Like the good Dr as an owner , if anything I’d like to see him remain but get a big cashed up joint owner, the FFP rules seem to hamper some and benefit others, just hope we can get out of the whirlpool of financial crisis and having to sell every time we hit a bump in the road or a big club comes fishing … just surprised Liverpool haven’t come in for Grealish. Think we should move on from Bruce , just concerned we will get the same next season , good spells but have bad times which will catch us out again, close season is short get sorted Villa.

  • The Chinese and others of the Far East are notorious gamblers and that’s exactly how Villa’s strategy for promotion appears to have been conducted, you’d have thought that a “businessman” would have had a solid business plan instead of lashing out cash on dubious transfers and loan players.
    Maybe if they had the patience to build a team from the U23 squad around Jack Grealish over 3-4 years then that would have produced better results in the long term and by next season we’d have had a team to challenge for promotion plus our bank balance would have been a lot healthier.
    It took Ron Saunders 10 years to build a decent team at Villa, you can’t do it in 2 seasons using on loan players and panic transfers, they play like individuals not as a team and it was noticeable at Villa Park how visiting teams often outplayed us with vastly less costly squads,.

  • Marco silva,on sky,the press etc, will be sad if AV have another Lerner scenario.
    Definitely want change, and proper planning. Bielsa lookslike the NunoVilla should
    go after if his 31331 Formation is the way to the promise land. Even now want a purist
    Identified football genius, and if Bielsa is the 60 year old ” GOD” father the AV church needs.
    Ave Maria lead XIA to him.

    Ps please tweet my novena to XIA, from a OAP, 58yrs villa fan

  • At the moment, we are in a bit too much of a mess for Xia to get his money back as a valuation I think. You spend all that to buy us. Then what? You want to invest and can’t because of FFP and we have to clear the decks of some wages. It’s a mad business because of these ridiculous rules.

  • The big problem with any of our recent owners is their business men and not true villa supporters.They spend a minimum ammount of money expecting a maximum return.

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