Date: 14th July 2006 at 7:07pm
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I was called today whilst shopping at Sainsbury. To say I was shocked was an understatement, it was a reporter from the Birmingham Post saying the players of Aston Villa had released a statement against Doug Ellis. I was so happy I bought a can of beer (only the one mind, don’t want to get carried away now!).

The only comment I could give until I collected my thoughts was how proud I was of the players as it proved how much they care for the club. It just shows their tenure at this once mighty club isn’t just about money, they are ambitious and they want to win things AND THEY WANT TO DO IT HERE.

Doug Ellis, you should hang your head in shame. You have no one but yourself to blame and you should resign on the spot.

Rumours have circulated for a long while that Doug’s penny pinching has increased to ridiculous levels, with talk of him going around Bodymoor Heath turning off the lights and crashing computers by turning them off at the mains and the man who has led Villa from a mighty to a crestfallen club now has to face the embarrassment of a player mutiny.

Three cheers for the players following this unprecedented release.

The players statement said:

‘People talk about Aston Villa being a big club and winning the European Cup in 1982. We feel it should be a big club but if the chairman has got ambition, he needs to start showing it. It has to come from the top.’

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Managers, pundits and fans alike have said for years that the club have gone stale and that their is a lack of leadership from the top. Now the players have added their voice and lets face it, the players are the ones who live and breath the expectations and the disappointments.

They continued:

‘So many other clubs are doing so much to show their ambition apart from us. As players we’re all ambitious and we want to improve on last season. The chairman should be behind the club and not working against what we’re trying to achieve. There have been a series of cutbacks and we feel we have to mention this because they are now starting to affect us.’

‘At the end of last season, the chairman refused to pay £300 for the pitches to be watered. The training ground development, which we were all looking forward to working in, has stopped.’

Remember, this was the development that Doug Ellis said was guaranteed because the £8million had been ‘ring fenced’. Another Ellis lie.

‘Now we have lost a masseur because the club refuse to pay for one and are clubbing together to pay for our own.’

‘We have also heard that the physio, who was on his way to see Martin Laursen, could not claim back for a cup of coffee at the airport. We’ve had no explanation for the cutbacks and we feel if the manager (David O’Leary) can’t get one, then we have no chance. Maybe the chairman thought he would have left by now because of the takeover. Supporters are concerned with what happens on the pitch and rightly so. But we feel with all the cutbacks, it is difficult to attain the targets we all share.’

‘In the second half of last season, there was no investment in the team, a loan player – Eirik Bakke – was sent back to Leeds, and now we’re unable to sign James Milner from Newcastle. There are no positives coming out of the club. We need to see a plan where the club is going and all the players feel the same. Every penny is being watched.’

It will be interesting to see if David O’Leary will now come out and back the players and release a further statement telling us what it is like working under the Ellis regime.

Everything most of us fans have feared would happen has happened, the club is on its knees. Queue a realistic bid and woe betide Doug Ellis if he blocks it.


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  • This is the best news to come out of the club for a long time…i just pray its true

  • the unfortunate thing is though is that we are most definatly the laughing stock of european football clubs at the moment…shame on you ellis.

  • Totally agree Jason, Ellis has brought much shame to the club. I think the players are stars for doing this, speaks so much louder than any fan or fans group could. Shows they do have a great deal of pride in being at Villa as it would be easier for the

  • If the players actually did it. Don’t get me wrong, it could well be genuine, but I’ve been stung by the PA being duped in the past. I suggest it would be best to wait until a more reliable news agency than Sky Sport News report the story, given that they

  • maybe this could be used as a basis to increase pressure from the fanbase as well…we need to continue and increase the protestation maqking it a nonstop bombardment against the board.and i dont mean by boycotting games, that will only harm the club furt

  • Absolutely amazing. Never heard of this players v Chairman press release before.
    What an entertaining soap opera!

  • Ok. BBC are now reporting it online. It seems to be getting more likely. And I agree with greyhound. If this was any “real world” company then the employees in question would be sacked on the spot. Sadly, that could happen.

  • Ok. BBC are now reporting it online. It seems to be getting more likely. And I agree with greyhound. If this was any “real world” company then the employees in question would be sacked on the spot. Sadly, that could happen.

  • This is really sad, I can not understand how we have fallen so low that we can not afford a cup of coffee. It just goes to show that Ellis has no idea of what is going on in the real world. Great job by the players but I think this could end up hurting

  • It could hurt in many ways. A potential buyer might see this and think “woah, too much player power” and get cold feet. Employees should not criticise employers in public like this as it can only cause problems. The more you think about this, the more dam

  • Fair enough – next question then. Who REALLY organised this players’ statement? Because I honestly don’t believe the players would do it completely off their own back…

  • what have you turned us into Ellis? Surely now his position is untenable, as it certainly would be in any other business. I think the bloke has gone senile and, as we all know he should never be running a football club. But for the situation to have reach

  • True Neil, so your suggestion points to the manager? There is a chance that is the case but I wouldn’t underestimate the players, they are unhappy enough as shown on the pitch last year. Not totally sure they would do DOL’s beckoning though? Interesting

  • Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think employees should criticize their employers in public. And yes, I am pointing to the manager – perhaps the poll option should be “yes, and DOL should put his head above the parapet and own up to it…”

  • At least this gives us the validation that we wanted. Does anyone think that DOL has the guts to really do this?

  • I’m just astonished that the opinion seems to be so divided. The players must be applauded for taking this unprecedented step. Things must be worse than any of us thought. Come on Ellis, now is the time to do the honourable thing and GO!!

  • Where are the Ellis apologists now?
    Where are the flunkeys, yes-men, lapdogs and hangers on now?
    Times up HDE… 10 years too late but your time has come. Are we to see the claret and blue buntings out in the street parties of Kingstanding soon…?

  • This shows that the players care and are as desperate as we all are for Villa to suceed. To come out and criticize HDE for them must have been a last resort. They should be praised for their actions. I don’t think DOL has the ability to organize this, cer

  • I hope Doug doesn’t take revenge and flogs the whole first time squad. We could end up playing the kids. This could have serious repercussions.

  • Can imagine the headlines now, squad for sale, manager sacked, Ellis buys a new kit and boots and becomes player manager.

  • Can’t be O’Leary that’s organised this, he was a top class defender and yet he can’t even organise a defensive back line. I think that most players beleive that one thing HDE should have done long ago to show ambition and that he is still in controll of

  • He can’t afford to sack the players or the manager – costs money. This is player power. The irony is that if Villa end up with a new owner many of this players will be sold anyway. Why does everyone have a go at DOL. He is the same guy that took us to the

  • But what did we expect, Ellis’s mouthpeice will not be used to say negative things about him. Have we ever read anything on the official site about any part of the club criticizing any other part? Not that I can remember and as Ellis is Chairman he can

  • Steve64k, people have a go at DOL because of the bad football being played. Agreed, Ellis shows no ambition or leadership and has hampered various managers in bringing in the players they want but the players currently at VP can play much better football

  • We live in a democracy. The football club is like a regular business but withh some differences. Yes, the players agree to provide a service and the employer agrees to provide the correct conditions for employment. If either side fails in this regard and

  • Well done the players for taking the initiative and stepping up to the plate. To a man they are to be applauded. They have certainly won a lot of respect from yours truly, for what thats worth. They are doing what the likes of Steven Stride and the other

  • ***********************************ONCE AGAIN – THE OFFICIAL SITE HAS BACKED-UP MY BELIEF THAT THIS STATEMENT WAS AN ELABORATE HOAX***********************************

  • Perhaps both sides could be right and this statement was made by one or two players, not by the whole squad. Then nobody is lying as such, but both are being conservative with the truth…

  • If a player has made such a statement I would expect them to be man enough to stand up and be counted.

  • once again – hope blighted. When will it ever end.
    The only thing that we can cling onto is the hope that Ellis is employing the classic deny everything theory and hope this will go away

  • They will not stand up individually, 5live reported on the 7.00pm news that there were signatures but O’Leary’s was not one of therm.
    That said if ever there was a time to support the team and the Manager this is it for me… strike while the iron is hot

  • Well, I wrote earlier that the players were to be applauded for their actions. If indeed it is a hoax, then while a tremendous spirit dampener, I have to applaud the hoaxer. He (or she of course) has achieved more media coverage for the anti-Ellis revolut

  • USA this is a soccer site not american football, go back to your n-zone.
    This is our site and it could be a very important day in our history so just take your stupid comment back across the pond with you

  • Well, according to the Birmingham Mail (Jul 15), the words were from one disgruntled player, talking to a local journalist, and there is now a suggestion that O’Leary is trying to engineer his way out of Villa Park. Hmm….

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