Date: 21st October 2009 at 10:41am
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Little bit of press gossip surrounding Aston Villa today, ok nothing earth shattering but we do our best to keep you up to date. I guess the transfer talk will start to grow now leading up to January where pretty much nothing will happen despite the press talk for all clubs!

Anyway, The Mirror say that Martin O’Neill has buried the hatchet with Nigel Hokey-Cokey, quite where the hatchet has been buried it doesn’t say. The Hokey Cokey, whose contract runs out at the end of next season will no doubt move on at some point rather than sign a new deal, so I’d say next summer at the latest? However, at present all is hunky dory and he is back in contention to be picked according to this report.

Meanwhile – and brace yourselves for at least one of these a week until January, the Sun, in a report by Shaun Custis and Martin Blackburn, say that Blackburn Rovers are watching the Emile Heskey situation with interest and might move for the England striker (lol, always makes me smile that, a striker who doesn’t score… meow). Wonder if they will text the offer?!?!? (in case you don’t get that ‘joke’ Villa Player Revealed To Be England ‘Text Pest’!)

And the ever helpful Daily Star have a report by David Woods lining us up a replacement for the not yet departed Emile! They say that if he leaves we’ll be going for Cardiff City striker Jay Bothroyd who we have been linked with before.

Starsport says that Wigan are at the head of the queue for Emile. MON said to the paper yesterday: ‘We will have a look at all situations in the January window but, again, I still think that’s very far away for us. Just recently Emile has not started for us and I’d like to think that it’s other players keeping him out of the team rather than anything else.’

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