Date: 23rd November 2017 at 1:37pm
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A decent post in the forum about Steve Bruce.

Langoe66 said:

It is interesting how this Steve Bruce debate has developed over the past few months.

Initially he was being slated after a few poor results at the start of the season, tactically inept, negative, dinosaur tactics etc….with many suggesting he should have been sacked.

Now, just two months later, we’re fourth and the debate is how the tactically inept, negative dinosaur may be able to get us promoted but won’t be able to keep us in the Premier League. I expect if the useless git gets us promoted and keeps us in the Premier League with a mid table finish the debate will move on to how unsuitable he is to take us into the top six.

For some I don’t think he’ll ever win them over.

Last night was awful but we won….the mentality at the club is changing. At this point in time I couldn’t care less about who could lead us to glory in the Premiership. Let’s get there first….it won’t always be pretty, like last night, sometimes it might be disappointing like Sheffield Wednesday, sometimes it’ll be bloody good like QPR, Norwich, Barnsley.

I can remember it being much the same in 1974/75 under Sir Ron. It wasn’t all a bed of roses but in the same way, Bruce is starting to lay the foundations so severely lacking over the past few years. All things considered, the ‘useless one’ ain’t doing such a bad job…..

Forum thread (more adult language) : The Official Steve Bruce Thread


As deanovilla pointed out:

Last 15 games


31 points from a possible 45.

Easily automatic promotion form.


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  • Yes, interesting, nicely put. The worst are the ones that seem hell bent on WANTING him to fail. I do think it is the minority though.

  • I could post an essay on this one! Maybe because IĀ’m a former coach, all the comments do my head in that little bit more. Some of the comments have been just plain stupid in my humble opinion… the same folks who call him a dinosaur, probably because he

  • I think the minority is correct.

    How you can actually want to see the team lose just to justify your criticism of Steve Bruce is beyond me and only displays a rather small minded person.

  • It is those who can see through his flaws and are not just fickle enough to look at plain results.

    We are the biggest club in the division (the Man City of the Championship) with arguably the best squad – certainly in terms of value and probably wage b

  • Frankly, I have no strong opinions on Steve Bruce either way. He seems like a decent bloke, he has a very respectable track record at this level, and as others have mentioned, we have spent an absolute fortune and the very least we should expect is top 6.

  • Hey Langoe66 – I remember during 1980 quite a few having a pop at Saunders (or Sarnders as quite a few pronounced his name). This when moast were saying we were beginning to look like we had a decent side developing as long as we were lucky with injuire

  • For the sake of clarity, I want Villa to win every game, every week. While I have certainly been critical of Bruce, and remain unimpressed with a number of aspects of our performances, I have ALWAYS prefaced my criticism with a heart-felt wish that he pro

  • Agree with this article 100%, I’ve been saying the same for a while now. Some people don’t rate Bruce which is fair enough, we are all entitled to an opinion. But there is an element of those people who will not change their mindset on him no matter what

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