Date: 24th June 2009 at 12:05pm
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Part three of the summer long torture thread. Sorry, did I say torture, I meant TRANSFER thread. Last summer we filled about 10 or 11 of these up with article comments so lets see if we can’t out do ourselves and maybe this time we’ll all end up happy and positive with the incoming and outgoing players!?

So basically use this thread as you wish, who have you seen linked, who would you like in, which linked players would be good, bad or just plain ugly?

We also have the forum thread to endure, sorry I meant enjoy:
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And in time honoured fashion, I’ll simply say….

Over to you Mr O’Neill !

Movements so far:


Gareth Barry £12million to Manchester City
Stuart Taylor on a free to Manchester City


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This is a useful page on Sky Sports which updates all the transfers for all the Premiership clubs:


192 Replies to “Aston Villa Summer Transfer Thread Pt 3”

  • third thread…no signings…..not a surprise really. It’s 24 June today, we’ve got one week before pre-season training. Pull your finger Martin, or are you bottling it…again…?

  • how many players do you think we need to sign? i think we need like 10 decent signings now but i cant see it happening hate to be a pecimist but fear that we will hear the small squad thing again next year i hope not but im worried

  • Give it time chaps, mon and Randy know what they have to do, just wish they would hurry up. I think we need 3 defenders 3 Midfielders and 1 more striker, i would like please Richards Naughton the dude from ajax oops gone to Arsenal ok then Hangerlaand, Bentley, Defour, Huddlestone/Jenas and Owen/ Bent or all cos im a greedy bastard. UP THE VILLA

  • to be honest i am not convinced either of them know what to do. 3 down on last season already, and not even a sniff of a new signing. very very very frustrating and depressing, especially when nearly everyother club are active in the window.

  • Heard a rumour from a friend of a friend, i know b4 u all slate me, here goes Bentley will sign but he pissed mon off with his comment the other week, one player as well in b4 pre season but didnt say who, he also said Mon is very relaxed and is still insistant on playing a waiting game. If true how annoying, lets face it the latter one sounds very true.

  • Sky Sports reporting that Stoke a interested in Dean Ashton ! Now he might be worth a shout, although very injury prone

  • I would like to see Bellamy down the Villa. I know he has an attitude and he is a bit injury prone but with all the strikers being linked with Citeh he could be surplus to requirements. He would suit our attacking style to a tee.

  • Bellend and Ashton are both top strikers on their day, totally agree, but both have awful injury records and in the case of Bellend, not a great disciplinary record or reputation for getting on with other players!

  • always like the rumours astonsteve, bull or not, always good fun! Think we’ll see the action early July, blinking hope so, we don’t have time for a waiting game because they need a pre-season, otherwise that ends up the excuse for them!

  • Yeah astonsteve, i enjoy anything that gives me the slightest bit of hope that MON is doing something with his days. It’s when pre season comes and it doesn’t come off that people start having a pop at you…but that’s not your fault, you’ve heard a rumour and shared it with us, giving us more information than we’d have otherwise. I appreciate it.

  • I just hope we sign some quality before the Peace Cup as i don’t want to have wasted my hard earned cash! (although i’m sure i can make the most of a week away in the sun 🙂

  • Cheers chaps havent got a clue weather the rumours are true or not but as u say if anybody hears anythin pass it on cos its good fun, i agree with Fear dont think we will see any movement till the start of july, i have a feeling we may get Owen if i was him Villa would be my number 1 choice. UP THE VILLA

  • The real transfers won’t start until the 1st July the majority of players are away on there holidays so most of what is happening now is agents talking players up plus contracts go up to the end of this month. Personally I reckon we’ll make a couple of quick signings

  • we have finally been linked to frazier campbell. figured it was a matter of time before that happened. personally i would like to have im come to villa more than sturidge who clearly seems a little greedy. there ofcourse were no quotes or anything else but there never is.

  • what happened to Bentley? seems to have gone quiet on that one….. Why does it always take so long for us to wrap up signings? Or has this one fallen by the wayside? Didn’t Bentley himself say he was trying to finalise a transfer to Villa about 2 weeks ago?

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