Date: 12th June 2007 at 3:08pm
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I used to do this as a kid, growing up with 2 Everton fans as best mates we used to always go through the 2 sides, player by player to try and figure out which side was best.

Seeing as it’s widely thought that Spurs are the benchmark we should be chasing next season and probably our biggest challengers for 5th spot, I thought it would be interesting to do the same based on the current best XI’s for both teams before any further transfer activity.

Close season aint half boring huh? lol Well here goes –

Sorensen vs Robinson – 1-0 to Spurs, no contest really.

Delaney vs Chimbonda – 2-0 Spuds, no doubt Delaney is a cracking defender on his day, but with doubts over his fitness and Chimbondas ability to get forward he nicks it.

Bouma vs Bale – 2-1 Spurs, Spurs fans will most probably dispute this one but Bouma has a wealth of experience, and as highly rated as Bale is he has never played in the top flight and may fail to make the step up.

Laursen vs Dawson – 2-2, If he stays fit Laursen will prove he is one of the best defenders in the prem next season.

Mellberg vs King – 3-2 Spurs, as much as I have loved Melly over the years I don’t think he is the player he once was and his distribution is poor. King just edges this one.

Young vs Lennon – 3-3 again I’m sure the Spurs fans will moan about their darling Lennon, but sod it, Ashley Young has all the ingredients to be a world beater, plain and simple!

Barry vs Jenas – 4-3 Villa. No contest. Put Barry up against most midfielders outside the top 4 and he’ll come out on top!

Petrov vs Huddlestone – 4-4. Petrov has yet to find his feet despite a full season at Villa. Huddlestone on the other hand has been outstanding for Spurs.

Berger vs Malbranque – 5-4 Spurs. Very very tough one to call. Both players with terrific guile and ability to create something from nothing, I just feel Malbranque will play more games.

Gabby vs Keane – 6-4 Spurs. Keane has been there seen it done it and continues to do it. Gabby has potential but is far from the finished article.

Carew vs Berbatov – 7-4 Spurs. Again no contest, Bebatov is one of the best strikers in the prem, and Carew while he has looked useful for us is way off his standard.

So there we have it. By my reckoning we still fall some way short of the standard we need to be aiming for. Hopefully the transfer window will change all of that!

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  • It depends what way you look at it. For example shuffle the midfield and drop Berger and it looks like this: left-midfield Barry beating Malbranque. Put Steve Davis up against Huddlestone (who didnt play much more than a 2-3 month purple patch) and Petrov up against Jenas and suddenly we have 3 wins and it makes us winners at 6-5.

  • Oneaeronlennon will dispute one of these selections (chalky all of them). But I think this is spot on to be honest. These threads are what these sites should be about. Interesting comparison of us vs. the sty dwellers!

  • I’d give Berger over Malbranque and Carew over Berbatov, if only because Carew will start the season for the team he’s included in!

  • Bale & Lennon V Bouma & Young. I’m sorry but that is the most obvious ones there and put your lot better. LOL Agree with most others apart from Agbonlahor should be 1 up on Keane.

  • Spurs fan, just started reading and I have to say think Sorenson is better than Robinson. More later.

  • Berbatov will be at Spurs next season without a doubt. Good idea, show’s we are a way off the pace, but it could be a bit closer after the transfer window. My only worry is that where we are short (Keane, Berbatov, Robinson) we’re very short. We need a top class keeper and a top class striker. These are the kind of players who save / score that goal that turns our 12 odd draws into wins.

  • oh and the “King just edges this one” lol. to look at it another way, how many of your players would get in our team…………… ? …………….. Only 1. Barry. Don’t get me wrong i think you will do well next season though

  • bale’s defensive qualities are unproven at top class level,at the moment Bouma is definatley better.

  • Get real – Whilst I wish Villa success this season, you are quite a way off us. Firstly, I would disagree with a few of your scoring comparisons, where you fall well short is depth of squad. You would need to spend most of your budget to even match our squad depth, that is not to mention you would need to match our quality. You have the right manager and what seems a decent board, but it will take you at least another couple of years to get to our current standard – by which time we would have continued to progress also. Good luck Villa

  • A disappointing article, have to say. Bale hasn’t even played for Spurs yet, Malbranque and Huddlestone aren’t regulars and, quite honestly, I just don’t rate Ashley Young at all!

  • Berba will be a yid next season, dont you worry about that Jamie1967.

    Over all i dont think any of the ratings are far off, but you picked a player that only played when others were not available in Huddlestone. I would of given you sorneson and taken away whoever beat daws. Young and lennon while both showing great potential are highly over rated and not yet consistent enough for either to be considered that great so would call that a draw, and i dont think there is a midfielder outside the top 4 that beats JJ, but again is my opinion and although i do rate GB i put JJ over him. WOuld probably give you Berger too over steed, but then i would put Zakora in or Tainio and they would both win. Again its all opinion. I do wish all you guys luck as i do like Villa and it would be nice to have someone from the midlands challenging, the Londoners and Northerners for a change.

  • honestly its gotta be about 10-1 or 11-0 to spurs. It should be zokora v petrov btw, zokora wins hands down. If you have barry on the left id give you him beating steed, so yeah 10-1

  • If Lennon could cross a ball then Maybe : ) Ash Young’s deliveries are phenominal sometimes

  • lennons are phenominal sometimes too! hahaha If hes better than lennon why is he in the u21s and lennon in the full england team?

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