Date: 15th May 2006 at 4:48pm
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Spurs v Villa.

Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur have always been of a similar size. Throughout the Premiership years Villa have usually ended up above Spurs in the league and have certainly had more forays into Europe.

Both clubs are considered ‘large’ but both clubs have, apart from decades back, failed to live up to their billing. Spurs, like Villa, have been seen, even by their own fans, as perennial underachievers, the ‘almost there but not quite’ types.


Spurs now have a settled and capable board.

Villa still have Doug Ellis and a few other left powerless by Doug.

Spurs have announced a shirt sponsorship today worth £34million with online betting firm Mansion. That deal ranks in the top ten deals across the globe.

Villa have a deal worth in the region of £2million + add ons that amount to little more than a glorified affiliate deal. Our deal is with Red Box, no Red Bus Route 42, no, that’s not right either. Errm, oh somebody red anyway.

Villa have a kit made by a 10th rate manufacturer called Hummel.

Spurs have moved from Kappa to Puma.

Spurs have a policy of buying the best young talent.

Villa have a policy of sell before you buy.

Spurs bought Paul Robinson, now England Number 1.

Villa rejected him as too expensive and bought a keeper from a relegated side.

Spurs have five players in or around the England squad.

Villa have none.


End of…..!


28 Replies to “Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur”

  • it’s actually 6 in and around the England squad mate.

    Robbo, Lennon, Carrick, Defoe, King, Jenas…then there’s Dawson – sorry.

  • We used to be where Spurs are now with some of the best youngsters breaking into the England Squad but failed to match Spurs continual Investment even after they had bought poor players for big money. I couldn’t believe how they got such a big sponsorship

  • When did u use to have the best youngsters breaking into the England squad??? Don’t say Barry or Hendrie please!! It bothers me ur comparing our clubs – u are a notoriously boring side and have never been glorified like we have – and ur past is small comp

  • Aston Villa are a great club with a proud history, but Villa were never one of the BIG 5 as Spurs always were for decades, Spurs are in a different world to Villa as far as money is concerned Aston Villa charge about £400 per season ticket Spurs charge £1

  • MattyD: If you’ve got nothing good to say then be quiet! This entire article comparing the two clubs is a compliment to Spurs. If you remember the early eighties Villa and Tottenham were the only challengers to Liverpool. Spurs had the flair and cup r

  • aston villa have had alot of investment just havnt spent wisely, both teams are guilty of this but where we have got in levy 4 years or so back and had a plan to improve villa have stagnated, if i was a villa fan i would be very narked of and would certai

  • Turning it into a slanging match isn’t gonna make ur team anymore intersting to watch mate. U are boring, but then O’Dreary is ur manager. C’mon mate iv got nothing whatsoever against Villa, ur harmless!! What millions on what superstars to sell what tick

  • Sumpo: Spurs are in LONDON with a population that is seven times higher than Birmingham. You SHOULD have waiting lists, and can afford to charge ludicrous sums for tickets. The fact that your club rips supporters off with ticket prices and have only won

  • Like ur football club, u are very boring mate. U couldn’t attract flies let alone Robbo…Berbatov’s on his way!!!

  • Of my God, don’t call us harmless, that is terrible!!! Sumpo, you are wrong, you are NOW well backed, you weren’t for years. The sizes are similar. The comparison was BECAUSE of where you are now going, you’ve missed the point completely. It was a com

  • gmvillan please try getting your facts right before making a complete fool of your self, you clearly state “Spurs have won only 1 (ONE) major trophy in the last 25 years”, well in fact Spurs have WON 5 (FIVE) major trophies over the last 25 years 3 FA Cup

  • That’s the problem of employing boring, whingeing, old Gooners. Unless you get rid of O’Leary you can look forward to lots of local derbies – Brum, WBA and Wolves – in League One the season after

  • The Fear you are WRONG only in 1991 were Spurs not involved heavily in the transfer market, if you can please explain your statement and i will kindly put you right before Alan Sugar Spurs were always one of the very highest spenders often breaking the tr

  • Now now, calm down children. The point of the article is not to create infighting amongst supporters but to highlight what a good chairman and board can do compaired to what we have to put up with at VP, with the two clubs coming form a similar situation

  • Least we are better than our closest rivals – always have been and always will be, Spurs just live in the shadows of Arsenal.

  • I think you will find spurs have never won the european cup and were knocked out of this years cups by grimsby and leicester. And have a stadium with the atmosphere of a funeral.

  • And did i mention that villa are the 4th greatest english team ever, which is alot higher than tottenham.

  • Spurs-fan here. Just like to say nice article. MattyD, I don’t know what you’re on about, you’ve clearly misunderstood the point of the article. Don’t mind him gmvillan, he has suffered long and hard like you are suffering now and it has made him into a b

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