Date: 6th August 2006 at 9:12am
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So, if you were Martin O’Neill who would you chop from the current squad?

An unfair question of course since it depends who he can bring in, O’Neill is famed for his motivational skills and if anyone can bring out the best in players it is him.

In recent years our recurrent problem is consistency. One season Barry looks world class, the next mediocre, one season Mellberg is so good we are all afraid he will be headhunted, the next season we probably couldn’t give him away. This inconsistency is more serious than a normal run of bad form because it is to do with attitude, self-belief, coaching and leadership, all of which I think O’Neill will deal with.

But I’ve seen enough of Jlloyd Samuel, Liam Ridgewell, Lee Hendrie, Peter Whittingham. Thanks very much guys, but if I was manager, you would be history. I also have issues with Juan Pablo Angel and Gavin McCann but for the moment, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. As forPatrik Berger, Matthieu Berson and Martin Laursen, who knows, we have barely seen them, but I still have big hopes for Laursen who is a thoroughbred defender when not in the treatment room.

The purchase of Berger always smacked of desperation and I don’t see any future for him now. Perhaps Martin can resurrect some of these players, but – hopefully – with a new owner and decent transfer budget behind him, will he need to?

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14 Replies to “Aston Villa’s Deadwood?”

  • the first out the door should be Berger, to often on the treatment table. The jury is out on Berson and the Djemba twins, although i think Berson looks classy. I hope MON can get Angel back to his form of a couple of seasons ago.

  • Under Aston Martin i think Barry, Mellberg & Davis will flourish. Who knows, with a couple of decent midfielders to supply we may even get a couple of 20+ strikers out of Baros and Angel.

  • Personally I think the striking department will MON’S first port of call. Nobody in the current squad is the combative target man, which O Neil favours.

  • Trouble is his hands are tied until this darn take over saga is completed. If he does get the £50 million that is being reported in the Sunday’s is anyone safe? A complete new midfield may be the order of the day. The only true world class player we have

  • I’m sure Ridgewell will be on his way in January, Mellberg will be top class this season, most of his poor performances are when he’s playing with Ridgewell, you can see he doesn’t rate him as he tries to do everything. Every club has confidence players a

  • I’d offload Berger without a seconds hesitation, and allow KP to return to Sunderland if the guy wants the move. I think his premiership days are probably behind him. Otherwise I’d leave the squad as is, bringing in a few new faces to improve the quality

  • Can MON get rid of HDE? Think he is deadwood and as he tries to do everything at VP it wouldnt surprise me if he has registered himself as a player!

  • I think he’ll be able to get the very best out of players who haven’t always looked great – perhaps players like Samuel and I’d hope he could lift Luke Moore to the next level and for him to be a really good player consistently. But I have my doubts about

  • Angel is a class act when he is playing regular you cant blame him if he dont get any service, we need a playmaker who can make things happen we dont have that yet! McCann is a ball winner the problem is getting him fit as for the rest mentioned they can

  • I think it is more of a case as to who Martin can bring in! How much money will he be given if none of the takeovers happen?

  • Even before Martin O`Neill came I would have liked to see the back of McCann, Djemba-Djemba, Whittingham, Hendrie and Berger.

    The only one I would like to give a 10th chance to is Hendrie, and I have been a big critic of his. But why have one of the b

  • I think b4 we offload anybody we need to bring in replacements & midfield has to be the place to start – Bring in Owen Hargreaves to get rid of Mc Cann. Stylian Petrov from Celtic would provide the perfect tonic for supply to Angel & Baros who I feel with

  • Berger must prove his fitness to stay, but the same can be said of Laursen.Everyone else deserves a chance to prove themselves. The jury looks to be out on Djemba-Djemba,but I remember how atrocious George Boateng was when he came(missing his kick & falli

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