Date: 8th July 2018 at 8:00am
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As all fans know Aston Villa finally decided to relay the Villa Park pitch this season.

For some unfathomable reason, Dr Tony Xia seemed to decide that having won an award for the quality of the pitch previously we should continue to put it to use after it’s decade-long shelf life and many have now speculated that it was one of the first signs of the impending financial doom that has now hit us as we put our life savings on gaining promotion in 2017/18.

Much like the clubs’ financial gamble – club, I mean Xia’s gamble – in the face of what would’ve been opposition, we all saw the benefits?? of that last season with an incredibly low-quality playing surface.

Despite the credit card being lost this summer with our HMRC payment, work had begun on the pitch and that has continued in the weeks since.

Owing to the work of our amazing groundstaff, they have actually provided signs of fresh life and some green shoots at B6 this summer.

I’ll take the positives where I can, my only question is how is work going on a money tree?

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7 Replies to “At least One Thing At Aston Villa Shows Signs Of Growth”

  • Hope it rains soon….can we play on sand? Oh yes, we did, Doug painted it green! The image of les Sealey ‘swimming’ at half time in the centre circle remains a vivid one!

  • Would some among Xia management bring in a priest ,preferably RC and BLESS The pitch with HOLY WATER.ASAP.then the club return back to God who founded it. Amen Benedictus Deus in Secula x(3).

    Then watchwhat happens.

  • Ali a priest will come for nothing to save a SOUL, AVFV is that soul. These pagans have none.

  • Laudrup, 250 for a priest and some holy water. 200 from a Muslim imam, slaughter a sheep and give to charity. 400 for a rabbi, but you can get an interest loan. Choice is yours, but they all cost amigo. Based on Dr x finances the rabbi looks a good option.

  • How many shekels to the pound do AV need to stop the haemorrhage at Av
    What next the Holte End the new Wailling wall, because of China’s tariffs.

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