Date: 8th October 2009 at 7:02pm
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The atmosphere completely changes perceptions

Not a catchy headline, but let me explain. Most of the comments on this site and most of the talk with a majority of supporters since the Man City game seem to suggest that fans were happy with the performance and the game. Some have even suggested it was a great performance against an expensively assembled team. What tosh!

It was nothing more than an average (and that is being generous) performance. There was no balance to the team, the midfield (for both teams) left enough room for an oil tanker to do a 3 point turn. Ashley
Young is completed out of sync with the rest of the team when playing in a 442 formation. Collins and Dunne put in great tackles and blocks but were so deep, they nearly played Friedel offside. Cuellar will never make a right back as long as I have a hole in my backside. Carew won every header but most went to a City player. Shay Given made as many great saves as Friedel (a total of none), there was no shots hitting woodwork and no great goal line clearances.

In short it was a game lacking in excitement, chances, there were no contentious referee decisions and was full of mis-placed passes. So why do so many say it was exciting?

The answer is fairly simple. The crowd got involved. There was an atmosphere, albeit a laced with plenty of foul language. The crowd (well the Holte End) sang, we booed at appropriate times and we celebrated with gusto. All of this involvement changed the fans perception of the game. It was dire, but because people got involved it actually made the whole spectacle much more enjoyable than normal. So this is the question. Why don’t we create that sort of atmosphere at every home game? Unfortunately it seems that the atmosphere was only created because some hated Gareth Barry more than they supported the Villa.

I have long been critical of the vocal support of Villa fans, precisely because of this perception. If you come to the game and sing your heart out and get involved you will enjoy the game so much more, because you feel part of it. Exactly what happened on Monday. A crap game was made to feel better because the fans made it that way. No doubt when we play Bolton we will go back to normal, probably watch a better game than against City but will then complain that it was boring.