Date: 1st August 2009 at 5:28pm
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AV a Schniedy word with Wes..

Many have already written the Wesley Sneijder link off, including myself, mainly because of Liverpool’s involvement – but like the General said only this week ‘ aim high, shoot high’.

I for one believe that if Real Madrid, Juventus, Porto and the likes are all in Spain, all playing in the Peace Cup, all in the same area then there is no better time to splash waves up the Mersey than now.

We can’t compete with Liverpool’s Champions League offerings but a few wee persuasive words from mon himself describing how he is wanted to become the fulcrum of the team, a team which is aiming for a return of the 82 glory days, a team full of pace, courage and endevour, and a team that narrowly missed out to arsenal and took the league by storm for the better part of last season might actually work.

Well your right, it won’t work. But at least it would show genuine intent, at least I have been allowed venture outside and imagine a transfer window without the suffocation of links surrounding the likes of Jenas and Bent, Delph or Distin without anybody actually being signed.

Now I actually like all of the above players, they have quality and are very capable players. But surely these signings are obvious targets, very achievable if we wanted them, players we have discussed about for weeks, well yes they are.

The truth is were all a bit worried about the start of the new new season and the numbers game. But if these signings are so obvious,good, fairy easy, achievable signings in our eyes then isn’t this also true in the eyes of MON, well once again probably yes.

The point is then, why have these signings not been made already?

Well is it not in fact possible that in fact that this rumour is a signal of Martin O’Neill’s intent in the transfer window and that the obvious targets of Jenas and the likes are in fact not what mon is looking for, that MON and co in fact have aimed higher in order to shoot higher?

The trouble is the manager is so tight lipped that nobody knows, maybe not even himself.

Can the villa really attract this type of player?

I’m not so sure, you tell me!

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