Date: 31st May 2009 at 2:45pm
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Mathew Kendrick of the Sunday Mercury has quotes from Randy Lerner saying that they are looking at making plans to increase the capacity of Villa Park to around 50 000, hopefully in the next year or year and a half.

He says he wants to see Villa sell out more but that they are talking internally of re-developing the North Stand and assures fans that he won’t be moving Villa away from Villa Park.

‘Internally, we discuss bumping up to 50,000, but what if that’s not enough. The question is whether the club is increasingly drawing capacity crowds. That would be the single best problem.’

He also says he admires Newcastle United’s St James’ Park ground saying it is ‘unbelievably beautiful’.

After being asked if the North Stand would replicate the famous Holte End he said no, that isn’t the idea at all.


7 Replies to “AVFC Planning On Villa Park Expansion”

  • Au contraire – I think he gives a lot away – just look at the Acorns deal … :o)

  • I’d like to see the opposing net bulge instead! If this is true about expanding then I would like to see VP corners filled in and make it more modern looking but really don’t care cos its the quality of the football which fills stadiums and we aren’t regularly filling to capacity cos of that one reason! Maybe next season is our making?

  • I’m all for filling in the corners and redeveloping the North Stand, but does anyone else think the Holte should stand alone or am I just living in the past?

  • I heard he had scrapped plans to knock down and re-build the North Stand, choosing instead to merely renovate and increase capacity that way. Gotta admit I think the North Stand is a dump and should be rebuilt from scratch.

  • We recieve money from the government/olympic comitee as VP is one of the chosen grounds for the Olympics so it wont all come out of Randy’s pocket….more money to be spent on players I think.

  • 50,000 minimum requirement for the 2012 World Cup! Maybe we can get a grant towards the cost of developement.

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