Date: 8th June 2007 at 12:53pm
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x-ray specs

I used to read lots of American comics when I was a kid, thanks to my Dad, he used to have a part time job meeting the mail train, and picking the odd comic was a perk. He read them first of course, no flies on him, but I loved them not only because of the exciting super heroes but for all the adverts of amazing BB guns, magic radios, and of course x-ray specs. How could they work, its impossible?

But then the impossible happens, anyone who went to Wembley in 57 or was at Highbury in 81, or of course Rotterdam knows it, especially if they were at Huddersfield, Port Vale all those years before.

I was talking over the weekend with one of the few of my relatives from my dad’s era, she was the wife of my moms favourite cousin and the bloke who went with dad to the Villa. He’d been a decent player in his time, and his insights into Villa were always funny and illuminating her insights into me were equally illuminating especially as I can never get the two old codgers back, pah.

A lovely lady, our joint reminiscence’s were enjoyable, her memories of me were remarkable, her memories of her husband, my dad and me and Villa were amazing, I hadn’t realised how the two of them had spent many a happy hour over my exploits, at our joint exploits and times, Villa related, together.

How they would have loved the times we now live in, Villa wise. When Ellis took over and Docherty became manager there was a real belief not only that times had changed but that all would change for the better. Well I suppose it did in many respects but like those Marvel comics there was always a twist, we won the Title, we won in Europe but we never maintained or moved on from that peak, for what ever reason like those X-ray specs it could never work. Or could it?

Nearly 12 months ago we were all looking at another Ellis dominated season, at best a mid table finish, at worst another battle with relegation, now look at us. We have an owner who keeps his promises, who has taken PR to a new art, who communicates with fans, who has promised us millions to spend on overpaid players who earn in a week more than many fans do in 3 years.

We have a half decent manager who will do well, with the money he may have why shouldn’t he, for once the future for Villa fans looks good, and if Randy Lerner sticks with it, the future looks bright long term too As my ‘aunt’ said my dad and my uncle would be having a laugh now they’d be making jokes about American’s in the war about their big heads, and big noise, and about being over here.

They’d also be as excited as the best and most ‘real’ Villa fan too, as desperate as all of us are for the revolution to continue on the field the way we all hope it will. Villa are back again, whether it will be as quick as some of us want, or as some of us expect I know not. Its not all plain sailing of course we need to fill the ground, we need better players, and plenty more but for once in a long, long time we can believe as we did when Docherty came with his, in hindsight, unfilled promises that matters Villa are on the up.

My dad and uncle and all those other Holte enders in the Sky will have a huge smile on their face, my relatives will probably still be laughing at my expense too, good luck to them, August can’t come quick enough I just wish we sign someone or three quick. Like the Marvel comics our American owners offer plenty of exciting content, even the adverts are wonderful and hopefully will work, and well, and soon.

Oh did anyone ever buy any of those X-ray specs or know how they were supposed to work ?

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  • I bought a pair years ago, best money I ever spent.The lenses were double glazed with the xrays trapped between the two pieces of glass.Worked like a dream or did I dream about them?

  • Great article. I have vague memories of the ‘Doc’ coming to VP, or is is it vague memories of stories I have been told or read……. I am not sure. But we were on the way down, the club was almost out of business. We played the Dildo Salesmen at home. In those days the Holte End used to be split diagonally I believe, those with better memories will correct me if I am wrong. Fans used to mix better than today but in general one of the areas of the Holte was predominantly away supporters, the other home. On this day the Dildo supporting fans we in good spirits (they were in the ascendency in those days). The mood amongst the Villa faithful was more downbeat. The Doc walked on to the pitch and the whole ground went silent. They watched as he strode up to the Holte End. He stood there taking in the biggest terraced stand in English football. You could hear a gnat fart. He then just raised his hands to the Villa faithful and the ground just erupted. I remember (I am told, I read???) that in all fairness this was THE rebirth of the Villa. Yes we got relegated. But it was the moment when Villa were finally back on the map. We were going to the old third division but everybody new we were back. From nearly going out of business, 13 years later we were champions of England and a year later, Champions of Europe. I recall this story because I think I lived it again at home to Sheffield United last season. This is a game in years to come that I will say to my daughter ……… we were there. It was the game when the FEELING returned. 39 years after it last happened. We are slightly ahead of where we were then (by a couple of divisions). But I now genuinely believe that in the next ten years Villa will be challenging to become Europes best club. I hope it happens because I will be pushing well in to my 50’s. But I believe it will. The important thing though will be to sustain it. I will be proud to have been part of two revolutions. For those who want success now, nay, yesterday. It doesn’t happen that way but make no mistake, I have on my x-ray specs and in the future, the Lion is once again the king of the Jungle.

  • Great article . Ive still got a large picture of the Villa players with Tommy Docherty ,headlined ” Docs Villa”. Exciting times .The Boxing day game against Cardiff when over 40,000 turned up (following protest gates of 12000 ) to anounce the Villa were back.Three straight league wins and an FA cup victory over QPR when the crowd roared the Villa home.We couldnt lose. Just like the Sheff Utd game.
    Then in the summer The Rioch brothers were bought , we could have had Bruce for £95,000 but paid £100,000. The club were making a statement….We’re back.
    Just like 9 million for Ashley Young…We’re back.
    The Doc said” Alone we are nothing, together we can reach for the stars “. It didnt quite work out for the Doc , but this time for Mon…this time….

  • Good Artical avfc, its nice to remember the Thousands who have supported Villa through thin and thin. On the subject of the X-Ray Specs I never bought any but a friend of mine did, black plastic frame and the X-Ray bit was a feather between two lenses. Just used to look like a feather between two lenses. The naked women were brilliant though…… NOT

  • Well said that man (avfc48). Wasn’t at Wembley ’57, but can relate to all the years from ’62 onwards when I became a VP regular. Good to look back and recall, even more so now that we can genuinely look forward to an exciting and prosperous future.

  • Many more articles like that 48, and you’ll really start winning your detractors over. Is that what you want?

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