Date: 10th May 2006 at 9:05am
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Villa Trust asks the manager and board of Aston Villa to “Sell us our season tickets”

At the end of a disappointing season, the Aston Villa Supporters Trust poses a direct statement to David O’Leary and the board: “Sell us our season tickets.”

The club appears to be sleepwalking towards disaster; any hope has been sucked from the fans and the manager has stated that he must sell to buy, despite regularly complaining about the small squad he has to work with. Can the board honestly say that the aim of the club is now anything else but Premiership survival?

We have warned before that low attendances are a dangerous portent. Yet again, the match against Manchester City highlighted this. With poor displays on the field, negative press, a manager at war with the support and seemingly no transfer funds available for next season, asking fans for their loyalty with nothing in return is an invalid argument from the club. The question is quite simple; ‘Aston Villa, sell us our season tickets”

By Neil Heitzman


3 Replies to “AVST – Sell Us Our Season Tickets”

  • In todays football world, where money talks and everything is a “product”, the ST are right to ask for something to intice us to part with our hard earned cash.

    In previous decades, when society seemed to revolve around the local football club, the pur

  • A good article and an impressive reply, but as all clubs know. There is a hard core of supporters who WILL NOT stop going because it is something they have been brought up with it. Good luck to you. I wish there was a universal way that we could tell the

  • What is your club going through at the moment!! and are you ever going to sort it out.

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