Date: 12th January 2019 at 5:06pm
Written by:
Wigan Athletic
3 – 0
Aston Villa

DW Stadium


12/01/2019 3:00 pm

Attendance: 13882

Referee: Harrington

Wigan Athletic Aston Villa
Roberts (41), Jacobs (79), Garner (pen 83)
Jones Kalinic
James Bree
Dunkley Elphick 63
Kipre Chester
Naismith Taylor
Pilkington 60 Bjarnason
El Ghazi 63
Evans McGinn
Roberts 72 Hourihane
88 Abraham


Walton Whelan 63
Byrne 72 Hogan
Vaughan 88 Steer
Grigg Davis
McManaman Hutton
Jacobs 60 Hause 63
Connolly Adomah 63

Game Statistics

13 Goal attempts 4
6 On Target 0
8 Corners 6
12 Fouls 13
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
49 % 51

Aston Villa made the trip to the DW Stadium earlier this afternoon to face Wigan Athletic and things didn’t really go to plan for us.

Head coach Dean Smith’s side were looking to make up some lost ground in the promotion battles given our recent draws, but it was a truly pathetic performance. The hosts had a 1-0 advantage at the halftime break and we simply had no answer. The second period saw them extend their lead to 3-0 inside of the final eleven minutes of the game, and that was where the scoring ended.

Four efforts at goal overall and we failed to test their goalkeeper on a single occasion.

There’s not much more to say other than it was uncharacteristically bad based on what we’ve seen under Smith so far, so plenty of fans will be hoping it was just one of those days given the utter lack of creativity and spark on show.


10 Replies to “Back To The Drawing Board For Aston Villa After Heavy Defeat – Match Stats”

  • Very poor, woeful distribution from the defence, midfield non existent apart from a few runs from McGinn. Think Kalinic was let down by the defence in front of him. Thor , Hourihane and Whelan are just not good enough at present, where are the youngsters.
    Tammy had zero service , as an attacking threat we didn’t turn up , that is a huge turnaround from a few weeks ago, Grealish may be absent but surely we can do better than this performance.
    Smith and co need to come up with answers and quickly.

  • I have only seen the highlights admittedly, but our defending was abyssmal. Taylor is simply not good enough and Whelan and Bjarnason should have done better.

    This result reflects a bit more than one bad day at the office. We have a poor run gaining momentum here.

    Smith has had to inherit a bunch of Bruce’s duffers, but we should still be doing better than this. Play offs look a distant target at present.

    The sooner we strip out all the waste in the squad the better. I also hope we refrain from drafting in a bunch of loanees next term.

    A balanced squad of around 25 should be enough – if we buy wisely and with a specific plan in mind. The days of grabbing as many players as possible, regardless of squad needs, and then trying to cobble something together, must become a thing of the past.

  • Dean Smith, needs a cull of at least seven players ASAP forget promotion it’s survival
    Or his p45 will be next. Taylor Hutton Whelan Houlihane Hogan build round McGinn.
    Get the Bruce Dinasours out

  • Taylor poor whelan as an impact sub – really ? Smith needs to look at the subs. No opportunity for Tammy. Poor distribution from the back. Still not sure on the keeper and what Steer has done wrong. Waste of a day out. And now I’m stuck in Wigan till 8.30 ….

  • Smith Abraham and all players except grealish and maybe mcgan are championship pros. There’s not a sniff of premier league about them. Our owners and top management is a huge plus.but the rest a mess. Five year plan to be mid table premier league. 10 to 20 years top 6. Ffp is killing us and at end of the day why would anyone of premier league quality be playing or managing in championship.

  • In all honesty I was wondering how smith would cope with a few players out through injury ,and to be honest he is struggling ,when he came to us there was an air of optermism ,here is a manager who likes to promote younger players and develop there skills ,he also likes to see players improve under his tenure ,so far all I’ve seen is a gung-ho attitude divoid of any idea on how to defend ,if you score four we will score five so all is well in the house ,three points in the bag and some goals and entertainment to boot .
    What a load of horse s..t ,defending is still the second most important attribute a team can have apart from scoring goals ,I’m not daft to think that all well in this department but for crying out load constantly blaming the defence isn’t the answer .
    This punch of players when smith turned up where classed as “coachable” smiths words not mine . I dont know about you but I don’t see any of that out on the pitch .
    This team can’t function without grealish who slows the game down when we are under pressure and speeds it up when we are moving forward ,now how crap is that ,to be totally unable to perform without this player ,now that not jacks fault , that’s down to the coaching and understanding of the situation .
    McGinnis is shattered because he’s doing to much ,hourahaine is getting confused, about his position because he doesn’t know f he’s playing the holding role or being the extra player who can run beyond the front two in support ,both agahzi and bolasie don’t do enough to cover the full backs which would allow the centre mids to fill the space between the centre halfs , on top of all of that we’ve returned back to type ,what I mean by that is we smash the ball over the top to Tammy in hope that he can hold it up and bring others into play ,that just doesn’t happen ,it’s Been this way for weeks .
    Now I admire smiths priciples but and this is a big but if you can’t coach this lot to defend properly as a team and teach them to stop reverting to panick tactics we won’t challenge for a top six spot.
    Smiths subs today didn’t improve our chances at 1 down they made it worse the middle of the park need strengthening ,an extra midfielder in their Maybe even changing to a four in the middle ,listen I don’t have the answers ,I’m as frustrated as you guys ,but being a manager of this club and a fan as well only makes it worse not better when it comes to seeing us not so much as play well but play hard ,being tough and dogged not running around expending energy with little output other then gettin knackered . Draws are no good ,but they are better than defeats .a back to basics approach might be needed .
    My last thought is this, being a fan of Aston villa and being our manager won’t save smith from criticism ,if results don’t pick up soon his position at the club will become difficult ,his post match interviews are starting to show the strain he is under ,he must learn to live without our top player and find a way of combating that ….

    • That’s what Smith is, you think these owners would give him millions to spend in premier league. Smith is an entry to premier league. He smells of championship and talks at that level. Henry was a risk but he is what premier league is about.

      • It was a tongue in cheek comment Ali, meant to draw a smile, I’m sure they haven’t given him a multi million pound deal, or at least we hope they haven’t.

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