Date: 13th November 2006 at 8:02pm
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Back to where we belong!

Over the last few years it has regularly been a difficult time for us Villa fans. Going to an away fixture was often a daunting experience and followed by a dull performance. Forgivably is the Liverpool game and maybe Chelsea in the cup, although 4th we cannot class ourselves in their bracket of class as yet…. However what we can be proud of is the allegiance of fans this season on the road and the commitment O’Neill has found within his current squad.

We have made other fans respect us with our turn out in numbers and vocal support this season. We get behind our team from start to finish. O’Neill recognises the importance that the fans have in a game to spur on their players, this is noticeable when he runs across the pitch after every game win lose or draw to token his appreciation of the travelling fans.

It is important this support continues and hopefully our form also. We picked up our 1st 3 points away from home this season against Everton which was well deserved with the attempts on goal we had. Everton had their chances; we just took them on the day. Credit has to go out to Ridgewell and Cahill taking a stance in the centre of defence standing in for the injured Hughes and Laursen. We were evidently unfortunate against Chelsea. The decisions they had back in September made comical viewing when Mourinho openly complained about referee decisions last week. Does he only watch one half of the game? Makalele should have been sent off for them in the league game and Drogba’s foul on Hughes which lead to Lampard’s goal on Wednesday should not of stood. O’Neill set that story straight on Sky Sports last week! Hughes not falling to the floor and collapsing like a lame pony with 3 legs on Wednesday showed what a respectable footballer he is….Unlike the frequent pansies/cheats we see week in and week out – not mentioning any names… Zakora, Savage, Terry, AJ, etc who dive to the floor like as soon as an opposing player comes within close proximity.

As for the West Ham game, I doubt we will go a match the rest of the season where we shouldn’t of secured 3 points. Our next run of games should help us maintain our current position before the challenging and hectic Christmas fixtures. Keep up the good work Villains!!

Credit has to go out to the efforts Sutton and Petrov have added this season. Petrov has been unfortunate not to find the net so far, but deserves a goal or two to merit his efforts. When Sutton arrived at Villa Park he was mocked by Villa fans for playing for Birmingham City last season. Although I can relate to their views, the player never signed for them, he was only on loan, and if anything played some football he might not have played for Celtic, giving him some beneficial match experience which would have played a role in him obtaining us the winning goal at the weekend. So thanks Birmingham for another 3 points Saturday!

The real gratitude needs to be shown to Randy Lerner our new Chairman and Owner and Martin O’Neill who have come in and rescued the club from the deep hole Ellis, his Cronies and David O’Nearly dug us into.

Up The Villa!

Article by Lee Lindsay


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  • The only thing Villa have to do now is maintain the high standards they have set so far tis season, If Injuries allow MON to play a settled team I cant think why this should not happen. MON what a start.

  • Good article. The regulars have found their voice and had their faith restored in all things claret and blue. Now the next thing is to get the stayaways and the occasionals to become regulars. We can do our bit by getting more friends and family to come t

  • Why bother with the stay aways any more?? Villa need to attract people who are positive towards the Club and want to turn up and invest some of their money into the team. The new owners are actively seeking to promote the Club in the Midlands and worldwid

  • I think that sentiment is right Hoss, but we must accept that some fans are not as partisan as others. Some of us will continue to support the club no matter what. A lot just can not be arsed after the Ellis years. He killed the spirit and created such ap

  • Guys I have family that don’t make every game but still buy the merchandise like shirts for themselves and their kids. They’re still putting money into the club and are walking advertisements. Whilst utopia would be 43 000 season ticket holders I would

  • There’s a tremendous atmosphere again at away games. The whole experience, the drive there, the pre-match drink/eats, the game, the atmosphere, the drive home, are an experience again. We were admittedly going on away-days merely out of habit, but all th

  • Good point well made gazvilla. But there are many thousands who can come to games but who are choosing not to. If we get these fans back and they start buying merchandise for their family the whole snowball will start rolling.

  • I understand your sentiments Gazvilla and all fans are important, however it annoys me when we can sell out against Spurs and then the crowds dip 10 to 15 thousand against other Clubs. This is more disappointing when you consider tickets for the Spurs gam

  • I think the club already do this Hoss. Season tickets for under 12’s are only £125 and only £150 for under 16’s. There is then an interim period after this, so that 17 year olds are not suddenly landed with the adult cost. For the Blackburn game it was on

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