Date: 3rd August 2007 at 1:55pm
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Liam Ridgewell has moved to Birmgingham City.

Slightly mystifying this one, hopefully the incoming part of the transfer window is just around the corner but I always thought Liam would make a decent Premiership defender and a possible future captain. That said, I’m a pratt!

23-year-old Ridge, the man with half a beard, has passed a medical and signed for Blues.

Tough luck on the lad really.


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  • He would of been better of at Villa instead of going to the bad part of Birmingham that smells funny and liely to have a club in the championship for the 08/09 season

  • hope he gets on well, just not that well due to where he’s gone!!! Thought he was a decent enough centre back but hopefully we’ll get in a quality replacement and all will be tickety boo

  • this really is good news, I think anyone who rates him as a defender as never played there and knows nothing about positioning and zone awarness. I have always thought he was a poor player, I wish him luck as a former villa player, he always tried but he just wasn’t professional standard. The fact that he brought Mellberg’s reliabillity down cause he clearly didn’t have faith in him and tried to do everything him self didn’t help his case.

  • I see the knuckledraggers on KRO can’t decide whether to love him or hate him. I hope he has a get out clause in his contract in the event of relegation! UTV

  • I guess he’s been quite clever, instantly making a name for himself by becoming the first player to make the switch in 23 years. Also hands next seasons beard of the year award to Mellberg on a plate! 🙂

  • He was absent from the U21s Euro champs due to personal reasons so something wasn’t right with him (other than the dodgy stauche.)

  • He has been prone to make at least one serious mistake per game and some of those have proved costly. He had a good run in the team but was always fallible under pressure. I wish him luck, but not at that place he has gone to. Relegation could be an issue this year for him. If he continues with his errors it certainly will.

  • Agree macka. That’s my concern about this latest transaction. We seem to be digging a deeper and deeper hole for ourselves. We’re happy enough to fall over ourselves strengthening other teams squads by shipping out our back-up players, yet we seem totally incapable for whatever reason(s) of strengthening our squad.

  • If Martin is trueful in that we wont have the depleated squad of last nov/dec, i would advise the press association to set up camp in the north stand car park for the next three weeks. I can hope at least!!!

  • I’ve been fully reassured by MON’s comments today about numerous signings on the way. [today the squeak is from only one cheek]

  • Won’t be too sorry to see him go – have never really been a huge fan of Ridge’s – and i’m not just saying that because he’s leaving. (still gutted about Davis leaving in contrast). It’s just that I always remember that feeling of relief I had the other season when Cahill started to breakthrough and challenge Ridgewell for that CB berth alongside Olly – from the moment he stepped in it was clear he was the much better option – always felt Ridgewell’s days were numbered from then on really…

  • Oh god…kick in the ****in pantaloons, tough break. Except for those blue nosers, what an absolute steal

  • Yes, I thought that 2 million, if indeed that is what it actually was, was something of a steal. We still tend to off-load our ‘not wanteds’ on the cheap, yet end up paying sky high prices to bring in replacements. Ridge will do a job for the Alliance, as long as he’s not victimised by the Sty boo-boys before he has time to get his feet under the table.

  • Bruce seems delighted with the capture of Ridge. See, even our cast-offs are warmly welcomed over at St Andrews.

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