Date: 23rd June 2009 at 11:09am
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After the shock of no transfer gossip yesterday… just how bad is it when all you want is the gossip, not even clinging on for an actual signing?!… we seem to have a few links and rumours doing the rounds today.

According to the Daily Mirror, Villa, Everton, Fulham and West Ham have all been alerted to the availability of 30-year-old former Chelsea and Bolton striker Eidur Gudjohnsen who has apparently been put up for sale – at the right price – by Barcelona.

How long before we get reports saying Barca want to use Eidur as a makeweight in a deal to take Ashley Young?!?

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There is a rumour on one of the gossip sites linking Arsenal, Chelsea, Villa, Juventus and Lyon to Brazilian defensive midfielder Felipe Melo who apparently has a buy out clause of 20million Euro’s in his Fiorentina contract. However it has to be said that I can’t see any substance, proper quotes or reasons why we are all being linked apart from the fact he’s playing in the Confederation Cup!

The Daily Star claim that Villa are set to beat Everton to the signature of Sheffield United full-back Kyle Naughton. Everton had a £5million bid rejected apparently as the Blades want £7million for the England U21 player, a price the report says Martin O’Neill is prepared to pay. The report claims that David Moyes might improve his offer but a ‘source’ says Naughton would prefer to move to Villa.

The Daily Mail cover the same story about Naughton saying Everton and Aston Villa ‘are leading the chase’ for his signature.

Other reports are claiming that Wolves are set to bid £6.5million for Reading striker Kevin Doyle who Villa have been strongly linked with as far back as last summer. Whether anyone else also goes in for the player who Reading look set to cash in on remains to be seen.

21-year-old USA and Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Michael Bradley has apparently caught the eye of MON in the Confederations Cup according to a footymad article. Can’t see anything that says why to be honest, but hey ho, if you want to stretch your imagination here is his wiki page: Click Here

The Mirror have a report by Alan Nixon saying that Villa are ready to bid for 29-year-old Valencia and Portugal right-back Miguel Monteiro in what they call a surprise £5million raid. Can’t be that much of a surprise if the paper knows about it can it?! Spurs have also been linked but this report says Villa will beat Appy Arry to the signature.

The Mirror also says O’Neill plans more signings with the money from Gareth Barry’s sale plus other funds.

Another little sniff and I do mean a little sniff comes in the Metro Sport who say Villa will be on alert if Manchester City striker Craig Bellamy becomes available if City go through with the purchase of Manchester United’s Carlos Tevez. Shame it isn’t us being linked with the big signing not the often injured cast off really?


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  • not sure whether they are good or bad links to be honest, Eidor was a great player but at 30 is he still a good one? Not sure he was ever prolific with his scoring?

  • With our history of strikers – they’d both slot in !!!

    Do you think Barca would consider swapping for Heskey instead ?

  • I think gudjonsen is quality,He was never about pace anyway so his age doesn`t really matter.However this link is bollocks he won`t be coming here.Owen on the other hand is realistic and would be great for a few seasons.

  • lol, and there was me thinking you’d been quite clever there PTP! So not so much a clever dick .. just a ….. NO, I’d never say that! :o)))

  • You can use that yourself if you like Fear I don’t mind, I’ll go along with it. Give you props and that

  • Moyes has made bids for Naughton and Dafour. Is O’Neill waiting to see what happens before picking up the effing phone?

  • Miguel has been a dead cert every year for the last 4 windows…i don’t know why the link keeps being made, he’s clearly not interested in coming. Maybe he shares his agent with Tom Hanks and just likes our name. Naughton is going to either us or Everton, and if what is released is anything to go by, Everton look more interested than us. Defour is the same. I wish MON would make more effort to seem as though he was doing something, instead of just assuring us that everything is being “tried” or “looked into”. And Melo is never coming to us. Why is our name even in with the rest of them…I’d sooner no link than that link, it just makes us look stupid. Do you want to play Europa league for a pittance, or do you want to play Champions League?

  • “Moyes has made bids for Naughton and Dafour. Is O’Neill waiting to see what happens before picking up the effing phone?” That kind of talk really winds me up, Saurat. 1. How do you know Moyes has bid for any players, other than the paper talk, which is usually as accurate as a liquorice micrometer? 2. How do you know that MON has not bid for those players, other than the same comics (sorry newspapers) not mentioning that he has? 3. Do you not know by now that the Villa style (and long may it last) is to do whatever business they are going to do BEFORE running to the press? D’oh!

  • Tarzan, Defour has said before that he fancies coming to Villa…not in the same words, but that’s the general noises coming from him. This is why we’re all worked up that we’re not doing everything possible to get him, because he is Champions League quality. BtB, we can only go on what the media tell us unfortunately, but it’s incredibly frustrating that we’re told the club are trying everything, but we actually see nothing…and when the fruits of our club’s labours are revealed, we get Heskey, Harewood, Salifou, Sidwell, Shorey et al. People who really wouldn’t have been too difficult to get in any reality. I hate Arry telling all an sundry what he’s going to do, but i want some kind of balance. If MON would come out and say “I know of Defour, and i think he’s a good player”, then that’d indicate to me that he knows something of what he’s doing. As it is, I bet he doesn’t have a clue who he is.

  • While we’re talking of transfers – BBC website has a story that Sheffield Utd say that there has been no contact or bid by Everton for Naughton. So goes to show what the tabloids say SOMETIMES needs to be taken with a pinch of salt and the sudden knee-jerk reactions against MON etc need to be maybe tempered slightly.

  • i know his name but I dont have a clue who Defour is and i doubt 99% of villa fans do unless we have some big jupiter league followers in our midst. it seems a player gets linked with the likes of liverpool so its automatically assumed we should buy him if its good enough for the them. And having seen him once on champions league weekly isnt really grounds for demands that we must sign him. nor is a report that the ginger bloke at everton “is stepping up his interest” or “preparing a bid” mean that we should or indeed havent already approached him. What does preparing a bid mean anyway? And as for transfers there’s only actually been 10 premier league incomings but 1.5 million totally unfounded reports which some seem to think actually count as a transfer or statement of intent…it isnt its just made up in order to make us buy more papers and read internet sites which have links to other sites with special offers on tool kits, football tops and no strings sex for a small registration fee of £100.00……..allegedly.

  • No one’s suggesting that all the speculation is equal to signings, but I know for certain that when things get reported in papers they’re not plucked from thin air. There’s a reason why some teams are being linked with good players and why we’re linked with Spurs rejects. It’s because those are the deals we’re trying to make. As for Defour, i’ve seen him a few times in Europe and what i’ve read about him seems hugely impressive. When you read about a young player at 20 winning huge plaudits, you know he’s a good player. I can only go on what i’ve seen and read, and sorry that just because you don’t know him TMA doesn’t mean that 99% of villa fans’ opinions are based on the fact that he was linked to Liverpool. Pre season starts next week, and we need new players to gel together. If MON is going to play silly buggers and end up with second choices again this year, then we can forget about challenging city. West Ham are even being linked to quality, Jiminez and Bolletelli from Inter…one of the best young strikers in Europe and where are we?

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