Date: 27th January 2007 at 10:39am
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Another nice positive set of quotes, this time from Manchester United’s on loan defender Phil Bardsley.

Looks like Phil thinks Villa are more than moving in the right direction and that he would like to be a permanent part of the Randylution!

He told the official site: ‘I think Villa have their foot in the garden now and I honestly believe we are moving the right direction.’

‘We’. Like it!

Adding: ‘This is a club that has been in the wilderness for too long but I think it is time that Villa, with the stadium that they have, the training ground they are building, and the players they are bringing in, are moving forward. When I see the quality of our squad and I look at where we are in the league table, it does not seem right. We should be higher up. But every team suffers a dip in confidence and we had that. Look at other teams, like Manchester City, who are doing okay now after a poor run.’

With Villa currently in 14th and out of both cups, Bardsley says with some optimism following the 2-0 victory over Watford: ‘It happens. I am sure we will put a few results together and rise up the table. I think we will soon be pushing for a European spot, even this season. It is not out of the question.’

And on his future: ‘If my future is to be at Aston Villa, I would be happy with that. It depends on whether the manager wants me here or not. I will have to see how it pans out.’


16 Replies to “Bardsley Has One Foot In Garden!”

  • With Gary Neville looking like he`s never gonna leave Man.U then this is a great chance for Phil to succeed at this level with the Villa,early signs are all good.

  • Just the noises Villa need. Players are human and I knew the training ground would turn a few heads. Randy putting money where his mouth is and some good signings. Excellent. We need to put in some decent performances now to attract the summer signings. UTV.

  • I know Bardsley is highly respected and rated by the Man Utd fans, can’t be bothered to look it up just now, but the article I did recently had quotes from someone involved at the club about Bardsley and he was talkign in glowing terms.

  • he is a very good defender who is not afraid to get his foot in, it would be great if we got him to sign at the end of the season.

  • I smell a milner-like sour ending caused by sir alex if we try to sign him permanently. Im sure Manure wouldnt want to see him out, but im happy with him so far

  • Cant blame young Bardsley for wanting to be a permanent part of MON’s new look Villa. I certainly like his attitude and approach. Well, the ball is in his court. Impress MON and his staff between now and seasons end, and he could well be wearing the claret and blue next season.

  • I can’t understand why you would say that Christo, he has played one game for us so far and I thought he did well against Watford. Solid at the back and got forward well to support Gabby on the right. I think he would be a great signing, he is very highly rated by the Man U fans I have spoken to about him.

  • Agree Gazvilla, endorsement from a loan player from ManU,when by saying nothing he keeps his options open.Instead after 4 weeks he is sold.”This is where I would like to be”…Come on Smudger, ya know it makes sense..MON will get you back to your best!!

  • yea I know him alot and am not judging him after one game even when he was a united player I just couldn’t get excited over him like I do with other players like David Bently or someone else who has impressed me

  • Looks a quality player!!
    All the noises coming from him tell me he wants to come here and take an opportunity

  • Fergie wont let him go if he is as good as Manure fans say he is.Hope he has’nt just come here to get a few first team games under his belt.Im still a bit BITTER about the Milner fiasco,CAN YOU TELL??? Grrrr!

  • I like all the “we’s” and “ours “and all of that . looks like he may feel already what we already know. This is a club on the up and he wants to b part of it

  • Keeep him out the garden away from the forks, I cant remember which player a few years ago stuck a fork through his foot.

  • From the sound of it he has already adopted us, must say I liked the look of him against watford, good movement and vision, would be a valuable addition, but obviously a long way to go on that one, up to the player, alex F, and I hope his missus likes it in Brum or we are buggered.

  • I like what I’ve seen so far, but the beauty of the loan deal is that MON doesn’t have to make a hasty decision.

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